About Us

Our Mission

At WiseMakr.com, we endeavor to meet the needs of all professionals and DIYers. We provide unbiased product reviews to help you get quality tools for the best price.

Who We Are

WiseMakr.com is the go-to site for all DIYers, contractors, woodworkers and many more. We aim at ensuring that you get the best power tools to execute your work effectively. We go out of our way to research and review for you the best tools currently available in the market. We strive towards ensuring that you get the best for your hard-earned bucks.

How We Do It

We understand that you deserve to get the best quality for the price for your money. As such, we take the initiative to investigate the most predominant and current needs of customers. We then get down researching for the products that can fulfill the customer needs. We compare the different products available online. We keenly analyze their pros and cons, as well as their prices.

To ensure we get it right, we search reputable sites for the unbiased customer review about the products. Finally, we also check to ensure that the product is available on Amazon to ensure you can access what we review. We also ensure that the product has a high rating on Amazon.

This process eventually helps us get the products that we are sure fully meets the customer’s needs. We then handpick the best writer for that field to review it for you. Details, clarity and precision are crucial to us. We ensure that the handpicked member of our team has a vast knowledge of the products being reviewed.

Our expert writers break down for you the important features of the product. They ensure they attach each feature with its importance for you to be adequately informed.

Why We’ve Earned Trust

We don’t just rely on what manufacturers have written about their products. In addition to what they have written, we take the responsibility to do our in-depth and unbiased research. We understand that there can be lots of fake customer reviews online. Consequently, our team of expert writers focuses their research on reputable online sites to get authentic and unbiased reviews.

Before we write about some of these power tools, we buy and use them ourselves. From this, we get a firsthand experience, which helps us write from the point of understanding. WiseMakr.com has thus become the go-to site for millions of DIYers, other professionals and hobbyists. They have come to trust us anytime they plan to advance their tool stores.

What Makes Us Stand Out

At WiseMakr.com, customer needs are at the center of our focus. Meeting those needs is what drives what we write about. We do not decide what products we want to write about; our customers’ needs dictate what we write.

We do not simply go for any ‘trash’ information on the internet; we are very selective about where to get what we want. We also understand the underhand dealings that happen even with customer reviews. We ensure that we focus only on the reputable sites that have a name for being unbiased.

Led by our lead author Marcus Weldman, we ensure that we give you nothing but the best.

Main Author: Marcus Weldman