5 Top Rated Air Reciprocating Saw Reviewed

Are you a carpenter, contractor, or a DIY worker? If so, you need the best air reciprocating saw to handle your tasks smoothly.

The best thing about this air saw is that it’s lightweight and easy to handle. Also, it is the ultimate tool when working in tight places. 

When buying an air reciprocating saw, you need to choose from multiple options in the market. To a beginner, this process can be time-consuming and frustrating. As such, proper research comes in handy.

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Our List of Top Air Reciprocating Saw

editor pick
Ingersoll Rand 429 Air Reciprocating Saw
  • Minimal vibration
  • Fits multiple blade sizes
  • Easy blade changing
Most Compact
Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Reciprocating Saw
  • High cutting speed
  • Slices through different materials
  • Compact and lightweight
Most Versatile
Neiko 30065A Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw
  • Super versatile
  • High cutting speed
  • Anti-slip grip
OEMTOOLS 24409 Reciprocating Air Saw
  • Well-designed blade guard
  • Has trigger safety lock
  • Perfect for DIY worker
Central Pneumatic Air Reciprocating Saw
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use

Ingersoll Rand 429 Air Reciprocating Saw – Editor’s Pick

Ingersoll Rand is an air-powered saw that will handle tough tasks perfectly. The kind of output it gives the user makes it worth the top dollar. The saw has a backing of intense power, thereby delivering 10,000 strokes per minute. It offers a smooth cut on various surfaces like metal, plastic, aluminum, etc. 

Ingersoll Rand is a 1.5-pound product, placing it in the lightweight category. Carrying it is effortless. Furthermore, you will not tire while operating on long and consistent projects. The saw is ideal for extended periods of use. 

The Ingersoll Rand 429 air saw requires at least 80 PSI to operate. Its design prompts you to use a separate compressed air tank. This scenario eliminates the need for batteries. 

You can operate it extensively without breaks. 

Ingersoll Rand 429 features six high-speed steel cutting blades. These blades can slice through curved and straight surfaces. At 10,000 strokes per minute, the blades cut through all types of materials. The good news is the product is compatible with different blade sizes. 

Also, you can change the blades to match any job demand. Blade changing is easy and does not consume much time. 

Another commendable feature of this air saw is its ease of use. You cannot experience fatigue as it has a vibration reduction feature. The air reciprocating saw comes with a carrying case. Also, the package has two hex wrenches. Its warranty remains valid for 12 months since the date of purchase. With proper usage, the tool is long-lasting. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Enjoys vibration reduction
  • Fits multiple blade sizes
  • Easy blade changing


  • Short warranty period

Astro Pneumatic Tool 930 Air Reciprocating Saw – Most Compact

Astro Pneumatic is one of the best air reciprocating saws, thanks to its compactness.

One notable application of this saw is in the shaping of car bodies. It is the most appropriate tool for this task due to its versatility and ease of use. 

The Astro Pneumatic tool weighs 1.65 pounds. Its lightweight is good news for individuals who work on extended tasks all day. 

Such reciprocating saws feature high-speed strokes. In particular, Astro Pneumatic can make 9,000 strokes per minute. Its design also allows it to cut through different materials, be it plastic, metal, and fiberglass. 

The compact design of this pneumatic reciprocating saw gives it an edge over other saws. Firstly, it eliminates fatigue and is suitable for tight places.

Secondly, the Astro Pneumatic tool has an ease of use feature. It comes with an adjustable blade to suit different tasks. The blade also allows you to slice through intricate shapes and work on curved surfaces with a tight radius. 

The package comes with five cutting blades, which you can change accordingly to match different job demands. Blade changing is tool-less, easy, and does not require any expertise.

The pneumatic reciprocating saw uses airpower in its operations. It requires 120 PSI to work optimally. Also, the reciprocating saw requires a separate tank to work. However, it will not require a battery for all its operations. 

This pneumatic reciprocating saw is incredibly affordable. It is also durable since its body is of sturdy aluminum material.  The only downside of this reciprocating saw is that it lacks a vibration reduction feature.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Versatile blade guard
  • High cutting speed
  • Slices through different materials


  • Lacks of vibration reduction feature

Neiko 30065A Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw – Most Versatile

Neiko 30065A delivers superior performance to the user. These air-powered saws have the best value for money. As such, Neiko air reciprocating saws are ideal if you are working on a tight budget. This tool offers 10,000 strokes per minute. 

This metal-air saw has a multi-function design. The manufacturer made it for high-speed metal cutting. It’s majorly used to cut sheet metal. You can comfortably use it for repairs in a body shop, exhaust and muffler work. 

Neiko pneumatic reciprocating saw has a sturdy construction since the manufacturer crafted it from durable aircraft-grade aluminum. The product has an adjustable blade guide, which contributes to prolonged blade life.

You can operate on these air-powered saws for as long as you want. Their ergonomic design enhances comfort, thus enabling you to work extensively. The rubberized handle is soft to enhance a firm grip. If you have sweaty palms, no need to worry since the handle is anti-slippage.

The power type is reliable, thanks to the 90 PSI air pressure. Furthermore, the product enjoys 10000 strokes per minute. Such high cutting speed is powerful enough to slice through different materials. 

The tool’s length does not exceed 10mm. It has a 1.5mm cutting capacity. Typically, this reciprocating saw uses six CFM air consumption. There is a lever throttle meant for feather touch control. It is fit for both precision cuts and detailing work. 

These air-powered saws cut intricate shapes through flat and curved surfaces. Notably, this product will cut through different materials ranging from plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, and sheet metal.  The air-powered saws are super versatile. It can handle any project with ease. 


  • Has a firm and anti-slip grip for better control
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • High cutting speed
  • The saw is affordable
  • Super-versatile


  • No vibration reduction

OEMTOOLS 24409 Reciprocating Air Saw

OEMTOOLs is one of the best reciprocating saws in the market. It is an ideal product for both professional and DIY tasks. With a 90 PSI air pressure, it offers outstanding performance. It is a DIY product that comes at a reasonable price.

This heavy-duty reciprocating air saw boasts of adequate power. It can deliver 9000 strokes for every 60 seconds. Such a speed is good enough to slice through sheet metals. Others can be fiberglass and plastic materials.

The air reciprocating saw can make delicate cuts in awkward spaces. Also, the blade changing option is relatively easy. The action will take you no time. Its blade guard facilitates precise cutting. 

This air body saw is lightweight, featuring 1.6 pounds. It will be comfortable to use as it is effortless to carry over an extended period. Since it lacks the anti-vibration system, it is not convenient for the long term. 

OEMTOOLS has lots of positive reviews on its safety of use. It comes with a built-in trigger safety lock that makes it user-friendly. The entire package has two blades, hex key wrenches, and the reciprocating air saw. 

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  • Well-designed blade guard
  • The saw cuts fast and precisely
  • The right tool for a DIY worker
  • The saw has a trigger safety lock
  • Compact and lightweight


  • No vibration control

Central Pneumatic Air Reciprocating Saw

Central pneumatic is the ideal air reciprocating saw when working on a budget. This air reciprocating saw has a durable built. It comes from a cast aluminum alloy that makes it robust. You can subject it to tough applications without wearing or tearing.

This high-speed reciprocating can deliver results fast. Precisely, the air saw operates on a 9000 stroke per minute. Such power is enough to cut sheet metal, rods, pipes, and bar quickly and efficiently. It becomes ideal when dealing with different material types.

Another exciting component is the ten blade package. Five of such blades feature 24 teeth per inch. The remaining five blades have 32 teeth per inch. Unfortunately, the blades are not suitable for handling hard tasks. 

These air-powered saws operate on a 90 PSI pressure. Also, it will comfortably consume 3 CFM of air. The design makes it suitable for handling moderate jobs. If you have a heavy-duty task, then you can opt for others from the list.

The two-pound product is lightweight. You can use it all day without getting fatigued. The saw is also compact, which gives it an upper hand in storage. It saves a considerable amount of space, thus ideal for small spaces.

You can experience another comfort from the ergonomic handle. The handle has a rubberized design, which is ideal for enhancing grip. The rubber material has a nonslip design to enable you to have a firm hold. 

Blade changing is simple. Even an amateur can perform it effortlessly.  You will change the blade per the job demands. 


  • Affordable price 
  • High-speed design
  • Easy to use


  • Lack adequate power

Buying Guide for the Best Air Reciprocating Saw

You must have a clue of what to evaluate when buying. It can be true that some products do not meet your preferences. You should not panic. You can still use certain parameters to gauge the suitable product for you. 

It is a time-consuming exercise; hence it calls for patience. The market has hundreds of such models and brands that make it confusing to navigate. The good news is one can get the perfect options from the saturated markets. Use the following features to examine your ideal air reciprocating saw. 


One of the factors that you should not overlook is the handle. The handle will dictate the comfort and how you will control the product. Different reciprocating saws have different handle materials. 

For instance, plastic materials are not suitable to provide dependable comfort. Furthermore, the rate of exhaustion is high when using plastic handles. You cannot work for a long time. 

The right tool should have a handle that has rubber or foam covering. Still, some features other soft and comfortable material. The suitable handle material should give you perfect pleasure and unmatched comfort. 

You can opt for a rubber grip handle when working in difficult situations. The rubber material checks your sweaty arm and prevents slipping. 

Blade and Blade Changing

The saw will become relevant if you assign it to the required blade. Some brands come in the market with a pre-attached blade. Such packages are preferable than the ones that lack the blade. 

The multi-purpose blade saw should come with different blades. For example, there is a blade that can work well on wood. You should never abuse it by using it to cut metal. It will not last for long. Respect the intended purpose. 

Interestingly, some models come with all-purpose blades. The right saw should have easy blade changing mechanisms. It should be quick that you will not waste time on it. Preferably, you should settle for a tool-free blade changing process. 


The weight of your saw matters as it affects your performance. For example, if you are handling heavy tasks, then settle for heavy saws. Heavy saws come with a vibration reduction. 

In the same vein, a lightweight saw is easy to control. You can operate it extensively without experiencing exhaustion on the hands. You can enjoy maximum comfort when operating with a lightweight saw. 

We recommend going for lightweight saws if tasks are consistent. Heavy options are only good for tasks that do not run day long. 


The action of blade changing can be challenging if you lack knowledge. Different designers simplified the procedure by making it tool-less. It should be a task that will not require tools hence tedious and discouraging. 

The modern models implemented a tool-less blade changing mechanism. If you get a tool that lacks such mechanisms, avoid at all costs. The tooled blade changing is time-wasting and requires expertise. 

The tool-less design takes less time. Furthermore, the procedure is simple. You cannot hire a professional to do it for you. Any novice can do it perfectly.

Variable Speed Trigger

The variable speed trigger is a vital feature of the saw. Also, you have the option to implement an individualized approach to each task. The feature allows the user to change the speed level accordingly.

The variable speed trigger allows you to achieve precision cutting. Such a feature is common in expensive products. If you bargain well, you will find it on moderately priced items. 

The variable speed feature ensures your safety. You will put your saw off instantly should there be an eventuality. It also maintains the already set cutting speed for different material types. 

Vibration Control

Vibration is the main cause of fatigue when working with a reciprocating saw. Thankfully, many models have an internal mechanism to overcome vibration effects. When you run a vibration-free saw, you will not tire easily. 

When buying, go for the saw that has an anti-vibration feature. The feature will increase the working comfort enabling you to operate for a long. 

Another way that neutralizes vibration is the ergonomic handle. If the handle has soft ergonomic materials like rubber, it increases comfort. Heavy models are also good agents for reducing vibration. 

Cutting Speed

The cutting speed is also the power of your air reciprocating saw. The speed of the stroke will determine the speed of the saw. What’s more, the length of the stroke-play a critical role in the speed too. 

You will need a high stroke per minute rating when handling heavy-duty projects. For example, if you select 10000 strokes per minute, it serves high-speed metal slicing. You should know the cutting speed that serves your tasks effectively. Settle for a cutting speed of at least 9000 strokes per minute. 

Power of the Saw

The power depends on the level of energy the saw will deliver. The corded reciprocating saws have a 5-15 amp power output. If the saw has more power, then it can deliver better results.

Intense tasks like demolition and work construction need powerful saws. The medium-range works will operate at a smaller amperage of 5-6amps. Such tasks still demand the services of a power saw. 

Alternatively, you can settle for a multi-purpose saw. It should handle both small and big projects. Such models should have at least ten amps. 

Design and Construction

The right saw should stand strong against multiple projects. As such, settle for the saw that features a sturdy construction. The most common options have a high-quality aluminum body. It is strong enough to resist any breaking. 

Besides the construction, it must have an ergonomic build. The arrangement will enhance your handling experience. It is easier to control such products as you work for extended periods. 

Above all, consider the right saw that has ease of use. The secret is in selecting your option from a reputable brand. A long-lasting product is worth your money. 

Safety Lock Throttle

Such a feature will give the user additional security. It enables the user to remain in control of the work. For instance, it will restrict the reciprocating saw from accidental startup. 

This safety feature is vital when at the workplace that has children. It reduces the chances of an accidental startup. Typically, such a component is vital to reduce the loopholes of accidents. 

Adjustable blade Guide

The adjustable blade guide is ideal in extending the blade life. Furthermore, it is an important component that reduces blade friction. As if that is not all, it helps in improving cutting accuracy. 

The adjustable blade guide is necessary when achieving smooth cuts. You can use it to improve the overall performance and quieter operations. The user encounters less wasted materials. 

Carrying Case

The right reciprocating saw should have a carrying case. You will store your product inside to prevent damages when transporting it. The materials used for carrying case construction are important in this case. 

Most of the commonly available carrying equipment uses hard plastic. The bag should be sturdy enough to resists breaking. 


Pricing is an essential aspect of the market. In our case, highly-priced saws have better features. If you are handling heavy-duty jobs, then you can buy highly-priced saws to match your task demands. 

If you have low key jobs, then moderately priced ones are suitable. Suppose you are operating on a budget, then go for lowly priced. That does mean that you overlook the quality aspect. Do your research properly and get a high-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the role of a reciprocating saw? 

The reciprocating saw is a powerful product to cut through different materials. The materials range from steel, stone, wood, plywood, etc. 

The saw can be the right tool for demolition and remodeling. The saw has the right features to simplify your work. 

Can one involve the reciprocating saw in cutting tree limbs? 

You can make use of this versatility of the reciprocating saw. The product cuts through different materials, including tree limbs. If you own a garden where you want to trim tree branches, then use it. It will offer you a commendable service. 

How does a pneumatic reciprocating saw work? 

The pneumatic saw uses air to generate blade motion. As a result, the blade begins to experience pull and push motion. It has an ergonomic hand to facilitate comfort. The saw can slice through aluminum, fiberglass plastic, and more. 

Where can I buy the reciprocating saw?

You can get the air-powered saw in several outlets. They can be an online market place or physical stores. Furthermore, the most common e-commerce market places are eBay, Amazon, or Walmart. The list is endless. You will get the best deals from such sources. 

What is the right cutting speed for heavy-duty tasks? 

Heavy-duty reciprocating air saw has a powerful cutting speed. You can get the perfect service if the saw operates at 10000 strokes per minute. As such, it will cut through any tough and hard materials around. Other heavy-duty operations may include demolition and remodeling.

If your air saw is not able to handle the tough job, you may consider cordless reciprocating saw as they offer higher power.

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Is a tool-less blade change important to your saw? 

The tool-less blade change is the way to go to save time. Firstly, any novice can perform such a task. The exercise will prompt you not to use any tool. Typically, it is a DIY project that is not complicated. The tool-less blade changing models are easy to handle. 

What is the role of an anti-vibration feature?

We recommend that the reciprocating saw should have this component. Vibration contributes to your overall fatigue. The anti-vibration feature dampens it to have less effect on you. Consequently, you will enjoy comfort. The rubberized and nicely shaped handle enhances good vibration control.

How do I ensure safety while working with a reciprocating saw? 

You should make use of the safety lock throttle. It is a security feature that ensures that you remain in control of your work. In case your workplace has many people, activate it to prevent accidental startup. It is a vital feature to use to overcome accidents due to mishaps. 

What should be the right weight for your reciprocating saw? 

The weight is crucial to your overall success. If the saw is lightweight, it remains easy to manage and handle it. The lightweight product is comfortable to use without experiencing exhaustion on your hands. Notably, heavy-duty tasks will call for slightly heavy saws.

How do I repair the malfunctioning saw? 

If you saw is still under cover of the warranty, return it to the seller. Eventually, the seller will take it to the manufacturer for repair. In case you are operating beyond warranty periods, then look for qualified personnel. The saw must be in sound shape to give you the right service. 


The best air reciprocating saw manifest in different styles and prices. The air-driven saws remain special to the intended tasks. The tool-less design allows one to change the blades with little effort. 

As you use theses saws, put in mind your preferences. All the time, observe the required safety operations. Select the ones that will match the equivalent tasks. The products on our list have unmatched features to handle any related tasks.

If you are still struggling to decide, relax, and reflect on the items above. They will offer you unrivaled performance and improve your production. The information in our guide is key to your decision making. 

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