The Best Band Saw List: For Ease in Completing Any Cutting Task Around

best band saw

We all know that having a trusty band saw in your corner is essential when working on some projects in the workshop or garage.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out.

Heavy-duty woodworking projects and passion assignments alike, the different bandsaws in this list have got you covered.

Let’s take time to look at the 10 Best Band Saws one by one!

Our List of Best Band Saw Picks for You

IMAGE PRODUCT Name specifications
editor pick
JET JWBS-15, 1.75-HP, 15″ Woodworking Bandsaw
  • Band Saw Size in Diameter: 14 3/4 inches
  • Cutting Height Capacity: 14 inches
  • Amp Motor: 15/7.5
  • Prewired Voltage: 115 volts
best value
Delta 28-400 Steel Frame Band Saw
  • Blade Length: 93 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity: 13 5/8 inches wide and 6 inches thick
  • Amp Motor: 6.91
  • Voltage: 115/230 volts
best budget pick
WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw
  • Blade Length: 59 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity:  3 1/2 inches deep and 9 inches wide
  • Motor: 2.5 amps
  • Maximum Blade Speed: 2500 FPM
Laguna MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw
  • Blade Length: 115 inches
  • HP Level: 1.75 or 2.5 (depending on the model)
  • Cutting Height Capacity: 12 inches
  • Amp Motor TEFC: 14/7
  • Prewired Voltage: 115 volts
Shop Fox W1715 ¾ HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  • Blade Length: 64 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity For Round Stock: 4 1/2″ inches in diameter
  • Cutting Capacity for Rectangular Stock: 4 1/2 inches by 6 inches
  • Blade Speeds: 78, 108, 180 FPM

JET JWBS-15, 1.75-HP, 15″ Woodworking Bandsaw: Best Overall

When it comes to the best band saws, JET makes some of the best models out there.

This best band saw delivers more resaw capacity, greater throat capacity, and loads of horsepower. Expect to tackle bigger boards and create the smoothest edges with utmost ease.

Band saws like this carry a big price tag, and for good reason.

The JET JWBS-15 band saw has the capacity to really handle large stocks of wood because of its awesome cast iron table.

There are also different blade tension settings available to suit whatever you’re working on.

Some Specifications

  • Band Saw Size in Diameter: 14 3/4 inches
  • Cutting Height Capacity: 14 inches
  • Amp Motor: 15/7.5
  • Prewired Voltage: 115 volts
  • Table Height from Floor: 35 inches

Some Key Features

  • Cast iron handwheels and ergonomic-designed knobs make it smooth and easy to work with.
  • Has a blade speed of 3100 SF.
  • Blade tracking window provides a clear view of the blade during tracking curved cuts, irregular cuts, cross cuts, and others.
  • Convenient dust port to catch dust and chips while working.
  • Reliable blade tension lever with quick release and three settings: full tension, partial tension, and full release.

We love that the JET JWBS-15 was designed to be a band saw blade and power tool that would work for even the toughest jobs.

Here’s a YouTube video we found giving this best band saw a review.Just like any of the best band saws out there, with handy blade guides and bevel capacity, this band saw might still have some ups and downs. Let’s take a look at some of them.


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Cast iron work surface
  • Convenient dust collection
  • Four-sided guideposts for extra safety
  • Easy to use tension adjustments


  • Super heavy
  • On the pricey side

We understand that you want SUPERIOR power and quality, so we’d be wrong not to include this band saw on the list.

If you want to check out its price, you can look here.

Delta 28-400 Steel Frame Band Saw: Best Value

We can’t go wrong with a band saw that offers two blade speeds (1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM) and an awesome heavy-duty steel frame.

Any band saw user with a workshop around can tell you that any band saw that can cut wood and non-ferrous metals is a total catch.

The Delta 28-400 is a band saw that would fit perfectly in your workshop because you’d feel little to no vibrations when using it.

Indeed, this band saw is ready to take on the big guns with amazing cutting depth.

We love that it accommodates large pieces to work on but can produce smooth results. Band saws don’t get as good as this one.

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 93 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity: 13 5/8 inches wide and 6 inches thick
  • Amp Motor: 6.91
  • Voltage: 115/230 volts
  • Table Dimensions: length of 15 3/4 inches, width 18 7/8 inches, height 40 3/4

Some Key Features

  • Designed with a heavy-duty steel frame that features a superior finish
  • Durable Aluminum trunnion table support for heavy work.
  • Two-speed drive system with a tool-less belt tensioning feature.
  • Comes with aluminum, rubber-coated wheels for well-balanced blade tracking.
  • Oversized work table for better visibility when adjusting blade guides.

When it comes to reliable band saws, we know that versatility matters. We love that the Delta 28-400 band saw does more than just wood.

It also comes with a 4-inch dust port and steel stand for your convenience when working.

This bandsaw also has a standard size t-slot that accepts a miter for gauging from 3/4 inch to 3/8 inch.

It features this super convenient precision ball bearing upper and lower blade guides, ensuring consistent cutting performance and safety for the user.


  • Precise cutting thanks to ball-bearing guides
  • Two-speed motor versatility
  • Clean and smooth operation
  • Amazing cutting capacity
  • Durable build


  • Bit tricky when changing between motor speeds
  • Initial bandsaw set up not that easy to work with

If you want to check out the price of this awesome and versatile band saw, click here.

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw: Best Budget Pick

Coming in with another awesome band saw from WEN, here’s a high-quality pick that’ll serve you awesomely and is surely worth its value!

This 9-inch band saw is built for long projects, which means you can also work comfortably and cut your materials for as long as you please and need.

It has a spacious table and a bevel capacity that makes it easier to work with too!

When it comes to the WEN 3959, you can get additional equipment tools to make work easier for you.

There’s a package that you can get, which includes a 1/4 inch wide bandsaw blade, a dust port of 2 1/2 inches, a rip fence, and a miter for gauging.

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 59 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity:  3 1/2 inches deep and 9 inches wide
  • Motor: 2.5 amps
  • Maximum Blade Speed: 2500 FPM
  • Table Dimensions: 12 1/4 by 11 7/8 inches

Some Key Features

  • Can be beveled up to 45 degrees.
  • Ball-bearings for smooth operation and longer blade life.
  • Can accommodate bandsaw blades from 1/8 to 3/8 inches.
  • Comes with an adjustable blade guard.
  • May include dust collecting port, a fence for straight cuts, a miter gauge angled cuts.

We love that the JET JWBS-15 was designed to be a band saw blade and power tool that would work for even the toughest jobs.

The WEN 3959 is a great investment because it’s durable and comfortable to use even for a long period of time.

If you want to take a closer look at one of the best band saws on this list, check out this YouTube video we found for you.


  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Great value for its price
  • Cuts great and performs well
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Not the fastest blade around
  • Gauging miter could be more sturdy

This type of bandsaw is great for when you’re just getting into the woodwork and the like. We love that it’s easy to set up and use and smoother than what you might expect for its price.

If you want to check out its price, click here.

Laguna MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw

This awesome band saw comes with two models. The first comes with a 1.75 HP, 110-volt motor, while the other has a 2.5 HP, 220-volt motor.

Regardless of which model you choose from, the Laguna MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw has some of the best features you can find in band saws, making it one of the best bandsaws on this list.

We love that it comes with a precision blade tension scale for tackling the finest work.

It also comes with double windows for easy blade adjustment tracking. Any woodworker would agree with how convenient it is.

Plus, it has this T-Square aluminum rip fence that you can adjust for high and low settings. It’s the perfect feature for resawing.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves and getting a little too excited here! Here’s a list of some specifics to make it easier for you.

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 115 inches
  • HP Level: 1.75 or 2.5 (depending on the model)
  • Cutting Height Capacity: 12 inches
  • Amp Motor TEFC: 14/7
  • Prewired Voltage: 115 volts
  • Table Height from Floor: 38 inches
  • Dust Port: 4 inches

Some Key Features

  • Comes with a tension window and indicator, as well as a tracking window and cast iron wheels.
  • Pyramid spine and steel constructed frame design
  • Cast iron table with bevel capacity 45 degrees left, 7 degrees right.
  • Comes with a large throat capacity of 13 5/8 inches for longer and bigger projects.
  • Direct power switch with a safety key that has a LED light.

When it comes to the best band saws, we only want those that get the job done right.

This baby can hold a blade with a minimum of 1/8 inch to a maximum of 3/4 inch. You know it’s the real heavy-duty deal when it’s like that.

The worm rack and pinion are super smooth. It was made to have minimum flex even when fully extended too. It also sports the Laguna trademark, just like the famous ceramic Laguna blade guides. 

A band saw with a specialized guide is obviously a great band saw to add to your collection of power tools.

Here’s a YouTube video we found giving this awesome band saw an honest review.


  • Two windows for better precision when cutting
  • High-performance HP levels
  • Stable cast iron table
  • CSA certified, illuminated power switch


  • On the pricier side

We love that the Laguna MBAND1412-175 Bandsaw is built with a heavy gauge, solid steel frame. It ensures enough durability and keeps the machine stable to minimize any vibration while working.

If you want to add this great band saw to your collection, check here for its price.

Shop Fox W1715 ¾ HP Metal Cutting Bandsaw

When it comes to an excellent band saw, we don’t just stick to wood on this list. We’re all for that versatile vibe, and the band saw benefits that go a mile and beyond.

 The Shop Fox W1715 is truly one of those models that give all the power for cutting metal. It’ll make any woodworker jealous.

This band saw is PORTABLE and GREAT for horizontal/vertical metal-cutting, making it an excellent choice for projects that deal with metals, woods, and of course, plastics.

It’s also one of the best bench top band saws that you’d love to have on your work surface.

With this band saw, the saw blade is vertically attached, so you’ll have various ways to cut your material as needed. That’s why we love this bandsaw so much!

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 64 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity For Round Stock: 4 1/2″ inches in diameter
  • Cutting Capacity for Rectangular Stock: 4 1/2 inches by 6 inches
  • Amp Motor Voltage: 110V, single-phase, 13.8 amps
  • Blade Speeds: 78, 108, 180 FPM

Some Key Features

  • Band saw blade, wheel, and handle made to be potable.
  • It has an auto power-off design which is convenient for safety.
  • Easy to handle ball-bearing construction.
  • Has a handy vertical cutting feature.
  • Awesome three feature speed cutting.

When it comes to power tools that are made just for your liking and easy use, the Shop Fox W1715 does not miss.

It’s a portable band saw that’ll be just your type if you’re always on the move, even if it’s just inside your shop.

Not only is it versatile and safe, but it’s also handy. Check this YouTube video we found showing you this band saw in action.

Although this band saw is a great pick that’s easy to fit into your storage space, it comes with its ups and downs.

Like every band saw or product, we’re only here, to be honest with you. Let’s check them out.


  • Great customer service (two-year warranty)
  • Durable, ball-bearing build
  • Versatile three blade speeds to work with
  • Good for both horizontal and vertical cutting
  • Awesome for large projects


  • Not good for heavy-duty work
  • Though it’s portable, its legs aren’t as accommodating for portability

ALL bandsaws come with good and bad, and that’s okay! It’s only a matter of choosing the best band saw for you, anyways.

If you want to look at the price of this three-speed band saw, check here.

RIKON 10-305 10-inch, 1/3 HP Band Saw

This cast-iron work surface band saw is nothing if not a great benchtop bandsaw for its value.

The RIKON 10-305 is a band saw favorite of any woodworker or enthusiast around.

It’s got a solid steel plate frame, and while it’s not a cast-iron frame, it’s a whole lot STRONGER than any regular plastic frame that easily wears out quickly.

This means it’s durable and is a band saw buddy that’ll last you longer.

It’s good to use for wood, plastic,  foam, and non-ferrous metals. Expect to get super smooth finishes when cutting with this band saw.

It has great resaw capacity too! You’ll be sure to find the tall rip fence very useful as it makes resawing pretty easy, as well as rip cuts too!

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 70 1/2 inches
  • Cutting Capacity Height: 4 5/8 inches
  • Cutting Capacity Width: 9 5/8 inches
  • Amp Motor: 3.5 amps
  • Voltage: 115 volts
  • Table Height from Floor: 39 7/8 inches
  • Miter Gauge: 5/8 inch by 1/4 inch

Some Key Features

  • Has a large and reliable cast iron table.
  • Comes with edge-facing thrust bearings.
  • Come with two nifty fences.
  • Has a handily positioned dust collection port
  • Includes a safety paddle switch.

This awesome band saw has an adjustable micro guide to make it easier when turning the handle. Not only is it made to be easy to navigate, but it’s also a power tool that’s great for large projects.

It has these upper and lower ball-bearing blade guides that help reduce friction when working on a project.

These also help your band saw run smoothly. The blade life gets prolonged in the process. It’s been a sure investment for a long time!

The rack and pinion guide post make it convenient when adjusting the blade depth of the band saw when working. Easy adjustments did all with the turn of a knob!

We found this great YouTube video you can check out that shows this band saw in action and reviews its specs in the process.


  • Durable cast iron table
  • Long-living solid steel build
  • Convenient adjustment when in use
  • Little to no vibration when in use
  • Safety switch to be extra careful


  • A little too bulky for storage space
  • Super heavy
  • The base is not the flattest

The thing about these best band saws this that it’s getting obvious that we have a type.

Reliability, durability, and user-friendliness are some qualities that make band saws and power tools great investments. Fortunately, this band saw checks all the boxes.

Benchtop bandsaws like this one don’t get any better! Check here for its price.

WEN 3962 Two Speed Band Saw

This 10-inch band saw bonder is a fan favorite, and we’re going to tell you why.

It comes with two models now, the 2016 version and the 2021 version. Although overall, whatever model you choose to add to your band saw favorites, it’s bound to do you wonders.

A sturdy aluminum fence that makes it easier to work with and two speeds for ease of variation. It also has great throat capacity and a handy 3-in-1 dust collection port.

This baby also comes with a stand, a miter gauge, and a LED work light. It has all the features you’ll need to work on your projects with comfort and ease.

Some Specifications

  • Blade Length: 72 inches
  • Throat Capacity: 9 3/4 inches
  • Amp Motor: 3.5 amps
  • Resaw Capacity: 6 inches
  • Blade Speeds: 1520 and 2620 FPM

Some Key Features

  • Has an aluminum fence for straight cuts.
  • Hasa miter gauge for angled cuts.
  • Comes with a LED work light that has an independent switch.
  • Has a spacious cast aluminum work table.
  • Allows for either floor standing or benchtop options when in use.

This band saw has everything you need to set up. You don’t need extras because it has it all! Unless, of course, you consider your stock blade just in case.

It has a bevel capacity of 0 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right for when you’re working on extra intricate projects. Any woodworker can tell you that this is a convenient feature to have.

It’s flexible when it comes to standing or seated work and has its own light for work. Just imagine working with that band saw beauty when you’re doing a passion project!

Here’s a YouTube video we found giving it a review, as it takes a closer look at all its features in action.


  • Adjustable features
  • Working LED light equipped
  • Multiple band saw blade options
  • Top-of-the-line two-speed band saw efficiency
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Ball bearings that make it smooth and easy to use


  • Dust collection isn’t great with a shop vacuum
  • Not great for thinner blades

Band saws don’t get any better than this, honestly! It’s a great pick if you’re the type to invest in band saws that make work easier for you.

If you want to check out the price of this awesome power tool to add to your woodworking collection, click here.

Milwaukee 6232-21 Band Saw

When it comes to a bandsaw with lots of power and is just an overall reliable tool to add to your collection, the Milwaukee 6232-21 is a great choice to consider.

It’s made to last long and takes durability to another level. We’re saying this because it’s made of a proprietary composite material that provides that long-lasting rugged protection. 

For those of you that are into that charm when it comes to your tools, now is the time to seriously consider.

With an ergonomic design, it’s easy to use and rests easily at the hands of any skilled or beginning craftsman.

It is easy to adjust when using and can be used for all kinds of wood, plastic, and even some metals as long as you have a strong grip when you use it.

Some Specifications

  • Bandsaw Length: 21 inches
  • Bandsaw Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • Cutting Capacity: 5 by 5 inches
  • Motor Amps: 11
  • Voltage: 120 volts

Some Key Features

  • Maintains cut speed even while using the toughest materials.
  • Has a LED light for better accuracy when in use.
  • Has a button actuated tool-free design for easier switching.
  • Has a debris protection system for more convenient use.
  • Comes with its own carrying case.

The metal gearing system of this awesome band saw is bound to make it a little more exciting when it’s in use. It has crush zone barriers for protection too, which is good for both you and the band saw itself.

Although this is a no-table saw, we love a handy portable band saw. If you want to check how it actually performs, check this YouTube video we found for you.


  • One of the sturdiest on this list
  • Good heavyweight for when cutting
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Blades really last long
  • LED light makes it easier to work with


  • Very loud when being used

Band saws are as great as they come, and we’ll only tell you about the best. The Milwaukee 6232-21 is definitely one of them!

If you want to check out its price, click here.

Dewalt 20V MAX Portable Band Saw

When it comes to the handiest of bench top band saws, the Dewalt 20V MAX might just be the band saw for you.

It makes long hours of work a little easier because of its handle positioned in the center. It’s portable, cordless, and great to bring if you’ve got on-site jobs that are away from your shop.

For storage, it comes with an integrated hang hook that makes hanging it easier to store without damaging other tools and itself in the process.

It’s also made to have increased blade life and enhance tracking when in use.

Blade adjustment is as handy as the tool itself!

Some Specifications

  • Bandsaw Length: 20 3/4 inches
  • Bandsaw Weight: 12.4 pounds
  • Rectangular Cutting Capacity: 5 inches
  • Round Cutting Capacity: 4 3/4 inches

Some Key Features

  • Has different speeds for versatility and control.
  • Has a LED work light with a 20-second delay.
  • Tool-less blade changing lever loosens the tension of the saw blade.
  • Built with a brushless motor for better performance.
  • Comes with an integrated hook for storage.

In total contrast to a table saw, you can take this band saw anywhere with ease. That’s what we love about it.

We thought you might appreciate examining it a little more, so here’s a YouTube video we found giving it a detailed review and checking out its features closely.


  • Conveniently portable
  • Ergonomically balanced features
  • Super flexible
  • Easy to change blades
  • Made durable


  • Batteries not included
  • Working light comes with a 20-second delay

This band saw is a perfect fit for woodworkers who work away from their shops and have onsite projects.

If you’re one of those who like working on your projects in different places, this might just be the band saw for you.

Check here for the price of this band saw!

SKIL 3386-01 9 Inch Band Saw

While this isn’t the largest band saw on this list, sometimes size doesn’t matter when looking for the perfect tool. It’s all about how well it performs.

The SKIL 3386-01 is great for wood and can handle some non-ferrous metal cutting with the proper blade. While it has good throat capacity, it isn’t the best pick for resawing.

Some Specifications

  • Bandsaw Length: 12 inches
  • Bandsaw Weight: 31.3 pounds
  • Cutting Capacity:  9 inches by 3 1/2 inches
  • Blade Speeds: 1,400 and 2,700 FPM
  • Table Dimensions: 11 7/8 by 13 5/8 inches

Some Key Features

  • Has a rack and pinion table adjustment for quick angle and height adjustments.
  • Rip fence for cutting straight.
  • Miter gauge for cutting angle.
  • LED working light for better accuracy when in use.
  • Comes with a dust collecting port.

If you want to check out this band saw and look at it in action, click on this YouTube video we found for you!


  • Convenient three-year warranty
  • Easy to use for beginners or non-woodcutters
  • Already includes extra equipment for your convenience
  • Super accurate crosscuts


  • Drive belt might need tightening for better performance.
  • Has many plastic parts.

If you’re new to the crafting game, this might be a good starting option for you. Check out the price of this band saw here!

Quick FAQs

Here are some quick FAQs about band saws that you might want to know!

Can My Band Saw Only Be Used for Wood?

Your band saw is expected to work well with wood, but it’s okay to use other materials such as plastic, foam, and even metal.

Cutting metal is something most band saws can handle as long as the proper blade is installed. Just make sure that you check the proper installment instructions!

Some band saws can only handle non-ferrous metals, while others can do it for all metals.

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What Kind of Cuts Can I Make With My Band Saw?

Band saws are PERFECT for all types of cuts! You can achieve the following when putting your band saw into action.

  • Resawing
  • Crosscuts
  • Bevel cuts
  • Curved cuts
  • Irregular cuts
  • Compound cuts
  • Miter cuts
  • Rip cuts

Do I Need Different Blades for Different Cuts?

YES, you do.

When cutting different kinds of materials, you’ll want to be sure to use the correct blade for that specific material or type.

Wide blades are good for resawing and curved cuts, while metals require heavier duty blades.

To Cut to the Conclusion

When it comes to the best band saw, there are loads to choose from!

It’s really just all about what works best for you. Whether you’re more of a benchtop worker or a portable tool craftsman, that’s totally up to you.

We hope that this helped you narrow down your band saw choices! Happy woodworking!

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