Picking The Best Reciprocating Saw: Reviews & Buying Guide

best reciprocating saw

Many people are adopting the ‘Do It Yourself’ approach to many things in life today. In this era, a reciprocating saw is a very indispensable tool. It can help you slice through materials that ordinary saws cannot with ease.

Their compact design and LED light features also allow them to work even in the tiniest spaces. However, to get the best reciprocating saw is not a walk in the park. The countless numbers of them in the market makes the selection exercise quite complicated.

In this article, we review for you the best reciprocating saws in the market. We also provide for you a very comprehensive guide on how to make the best choice.

Our List of Best Reciprocating Saw:

editor pick
Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp
  • Weight: 13.62 pounds
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/4-inch
  • Amperage: 15 AMP
Best performance
  • Weight: 12.15 pounds
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8-inch
  • Amperage: 13 AMP
Best for comfort
Makita JR3050T
  • Weight: 10.00 pounds
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8-inch
  • Amperage: 11 AMP
  • Weight: 6.80 pounds
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8-inch
  • Amperage: 12 AMP
Milwaukee 6519-31
  • Weight: 7.10 pounds
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8-inch
  • Amperage: 12 AMP

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp – Editor’s Pick 

Milwaukee is among the best corded reciprocating saw in the market. One of the distinctive features of it is the fast cutting speed. Most importantly, the product is durable and easy to use.

Milwaukee uses a 15 Ampere motor, which makes it practical and sufficient. Furthermore, the motor has the highest overload protection so far. As such, it will prevent motor failure or burn up. Your motor will remain safe and with a reduced rate of damage.

The manufacturer made this reciprocating saw to remain unique. It uses constant power technology, which will maintain a particular speed. The same design will guarantee the user unmatched cutting performance. The saw can cut any type of material.

Another exciting feature is the gear protecting clutch. It will increase the lifespan of the gear and the motor as it will absorb high-impact forces. High impact forces will result from sudden blade block ups. 

The saw has an anti-vibration mechanism to enable you to stay comfortable. It has a counterbalance mechanism to facilitate a smooth running. As a result, it will encounter a low vibrating effect. 

Also, this reciprocating saw has a dial speed control. It is useful in setting maximum blade speed while performing repetitive work. The saw offers hefty build quality for any type of construction. You can use it for heavy-duty demolition. 

The maximum stroke rate is 2800 SPM. It will give you an impressive cutting speed when combined with a 1-1/ 4 inches. It has a tremendous orbital action that will offer it an outstanding performance. 

Besides, the product has a quick lock blade clamp. It will hold it firmly and enhance stability. Also, the clamp will assist you in acquiring a fast and appropriate blade changes. 

The 15 amp motor will generate incredible power and speed. The product has a carrying case where you will store the saw correctly. Last but not least, the buyer will get a 5-year warranty. 


  • Orbital action gives it better performance
  • Variable speed dial
  • Cutting speed is convenient on all materials
  • Counterbalance mechanism makes it damage-free
  • 5-year warranty


  • Higher price

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 13-Amp (DW311K) – Best in Performance

If you want a saw to use for heavy and challenging work, consider the DEWALT DW311K Reciprocating saw.

This saw offers you speedy cutting for challenging tasks. Also, the product consumes 13- Ampere power. The saw is also versatile and gives full control by changing its speed as per the material.

It comes in a stylish and innovative design that makes it easy to handle and use. You can comfortably use it to cut wood, plastic, tile, masonry, and plywood.

The saw’s speed can rise to 2700 strokes per minute. The saw also comes with a blade clamp and an adjustable shoe. These two features are essential when performing blade change. Also, it is useful when adjusting the shoe depth as needed.

It is also a lightweight saw; as such, it can sustain challenging work. It has a variable speed dial and speed controller. They help to fluctuate the speed as you deem necessary.

The reciprocating saw boasts a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. As such, it offers plenty of depth when cutting thick materials. Furthermore, the reciprocating saw will cut wood, pipe, nails, conduit, and steel.

As you switch on the orbital blade, the action will speed up the course materials’ cut. Even better, the reciprocating saw has an optimum weight that is under 9 pounds.

The lightweight design is advantageous when performing overhead work. As if that is not enough, the reciprocating tools have an anti-slip handle. The user will handle total control of the operation. Still, the handle will reduce vibration.

The reciprocating saws boast of stainless steel blade clamp. It comes in handy when performing easy and quick blade changes. It is a more reliable reciprocating saw that you should never overlook.

Also, the keyless adjustable shoe is pivotal. It can cut the depth easily. This 18-inch reciprocating saw is sufficient for huge tasks.

The package comes with a heavy-duty carrying case plus an instructional manual.


  • Ideal for heavy-duty task
  • Reasonable power-to-weight ratio
  • Orbital motions accelerate woodcuts
  • Durable stainless steel blade


  • Lack of anti-vibration technology
  • Doesn’t include high-end features

Makita JR3050T Recipro Saw (11 AMP) – Best for Comfort

For any professional or DIY homeowner, these reciprocating saws can be your choice. The saw has a well-balanced, sturdy, and lightweight construction. One can use it for remodeling jobs or tasks within the house.

By using the Makita reciprocating saw, you can cut through various materials. They include drywall, wood, steel, or any concrete. More so, the reciprocating saw has a sturdy double wall plastic housing. It will absorb the drop’s shock entirely.

Interestingly, Makita JR3050T uses an 11 amp motor. It can attain a maximum speed of 2800 Strokes per minute SPM. One can still perform blade change and assembly without extra tools. 

The saw has a shoe release button that is useful in adjusting the cutting depth. The trigger switch will control the motor speed intuitively. The lock button will enable the reciprocating saw to run continuously.

The manufacturer made various safety features to protect the user. The cord, electric motor, and the connectors have proper insulation. Furthermore, the used materials are sturdy and long-lasting. 

You can ground the power cord to eliminate the chances of power shock. You can employ the trigger switch to stop the reciprocating saws instantly. 

The reciprocating saw as a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. Furthermore, the product has a ball and needle bearings that will extend tool life. One can maintain this saw easily thanks to the externally accessible brushes. 

Remarkably, the reciprocating saws weigh 7.1 pounds. The presence of the plastic case in the package increases convenient storage. The user will get a one-year limited warranty.  The reciprocating saws have a soft grip and handle to enhance comfort. The saw can be useful for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and so on. 


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Durable plastic housing
  • Uncomplicated tool-free blade changes 
  • 12 months limited warranty
  • Replaceable carbon brushes to extend life span


  • Limited orbital cutting option

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, Compact, 12-Amp (DWE357) – The Most Versatile

If you value a lightweight reciprocating saw, then Dewalt DWE357 is for you. The saw only weighs 6.8 pounds with a 14.5-inch diameter. 

This 12 amp reciprocating saw can reach a maximum speed of 3000 strokes per minute. At that speed, the saw can cut almost any materials that you can subject to it. 

As you put this product to use, you will experience little vibrations. Any slight vibration will not compromise the quality of your performance. Interestingly, Dewalt has an impressive stroke length. The 1-1/8 stroke length enables it to cut through effortlessly.

The reciprocating saw has an ergonomic handle featuring an over-molded grip. As such, the user will experience additional comfort over long runs. The design also reduces vibrations and enhances control and balance.

One can use this product to run both professional and DIY jobs. It is a must-have tool for demolition specialists, electricians, and construction specialists.

You can perform quick cuts in corners and confined places. 

Some of the materials that it can cut through are unique. They are drywall, plastic, wood, metal, and fiberglass. 

The reciprocating saw is powerful and efficient. You can control the highest speed at 3000 strokes per minute. Alternatively, you can squeeze the trigger to reduce the rate.

Different materials will require different rates and speed settings. Notably, any soft touch will imply a slow cut. A hard touch enhances a faster cut. 

The entire package will include a compact reciprocating saw. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty kit bag and instructional manual. 

As a way of increasing comfort, the manufacturer molded the handle with softness. The front boot area will add to the user comfort and eliminate any more vibration. 

The pivoting show will provide leverage in different applications. The stroke length comes in handy when you want to achieve a fast and efficient cutting.


  • Small and compact 
  • Durable and well-built
  • Useful for one hand and overhead work
  • Ergonomic handle increase comfort
  • Powerful and aggressive


  • Poor casing
  • Vibrations increases with age

Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp – The Most Durable 

Milwaukee 6519-31 is among the best reciprocating saws in the market. The product comes with excellent features that will make it offer outstanding performance. 

The product makes use of quick-lock technology. Adding and the removal of blades is usually tool-less. That means the user will save considerable time during production.

Notably, this reciprocating saw is 7.1 pounds hence lightweight. The saw has an internal weight mechanism to increase comfort. The user may find the same weight being comfortable while performing various tasks. 

You will also experience accurate cuts as you perform your tasks. The product uses a powerful amp motor that will deliver 3000 SPM.

You will need this type of work for high performance. The 1-1/8 inch stroke length will provide maximum cut control. 

Interestingly, the product has gear protecting clutch absorbs high impact forces. It also has a counterweighted mechanism. Such a design ensures reduced vibration to support the smoother operation. 

The reciprocating saw can cut through thin wall materials such as PVC. Additionally, copper and EMT. It also has decent performance on thick metals. The variable speed trigger will assist in the navigation of multiple speeds. 

Notably, the product has a blade clamp that facilitates tool-free changes. The grip area has redesigned ergonomics to enhance comfort. The high powered motor enables one to cut through wood effortlessly. 

The product features a carrying case. It can withstand a high-impact when storing your reciprocating saw. The saw comes with budget-friendly prices that are worth its usefulness.

As you purchase this product, be sure to enjoy a five year warranty period. The extended warranty period is a strong statement to the buyer. It implies that the product is of high-quality. 

The cord length is 96 inches, which is perfect when you want to access confined places. The excellent news will be that this product has a vibration control features. You will enjoy comfort throughout while using it.


  • Excellent vibration control feature
  • Saw can cut through different materials 
  • High quality carrying case
  • Uses quick-lock technology
  • Reasonable market prices


  • Lacks of some basic features

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304) – Most Reliable

Dewalt reciprocating saw happens to be the best product in that category. This china made product is durable and can handle any tough job around it. Again, the reciprocating saw can serve any beginner or a pro. 

The saw is versatile as it can tackle various applications. You can involve it in the cutting of pipes, drywall, wood, pipes, and frames. It is a perfect choice when making quick and comfortable cuts. The saw is lightweight, well-built, and robust.

The product has high strokes per minute. For instance, it has a comfortable weight of 7 pounds. 

You can use it for an extended period while encountering minimal fatigue. The used materials are long-stating, which can tolerate heavy abuse. For instance, it has a rugged built to handle any demanding demolition jobs.

The powerful motor uses 10 Amperes while delivering 2800 SPM. As such, the motor can cut through any materials quickly and easily. This corded reciprocating saw has a variable speed trigger to control blade velocity. 

The saw has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. When combined with a 2800 SPM, it can cut through any material type. The material may include plastic, plaster, fiberglass, rubber, and more.

Some of the accessories that are in a box are the saw and the user manual. Unfortunately, the blades are not available in the package. You will have to purchase them separately. 

Notably, this saw is necessary for heavy and long-term use. It has adequate power to handle different tasks incredibly. You can take advantage of the speed trigger to control the blade speed. As such, you will operate under controlled efficiency and safety. 

Also, the product features a four-position blade clamp. The clamp plays a crucial role in enhancing versatility. Interestingly, the saw has a key-less lever-action to enable effortless clamp changes.  Lastly, the saw has an innovative anti-slip design. The arrangement will give the user more control in multiple conditions. The manufacturer will offer you a three year warranty period. 


  • Large stroke for cutting efficiency.
  • Powerful motor for heavy-duty applications
  • Instant speed control due to variable speed trigger
  • Four-position blade clamp
  • Lightweight for tireless extensive use 


  • Blades are not included in the package 

Bosch RS325 120-Volt 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw – The Most Flexible

Bosch RS325 is a unique corded reciprocating saw that will provide more robust performance. The saw has lasting reliability. Since the saw has a compact design, it has a high power to weight ratio.

Moreover, the product weighs only 7 pounds. Furthermore, the saw will consume a 12 Ampere power. As such, it enhances the ability to cut through hard materials. 

The ultra-compact design enables easy cutting when operating at challenging positions. For instance, you can perform overhead without encountering much fatigue. 

The corded reciprocating saw has constant orbital action. Such a design will allow the fast cutting of any materials. Also, the saw comes with a fixed foot. It will provide concrete and robust design for any application. You will not encounter loose foot issues throughout the use.

Bosch reciprocating saw has a soft ergonomic handle. The user will enjoy maximum comfort and grip while cutting. You will change the blade easily since you will not require any tool. As such, it saves your production time. 

The saw enjoys a powerful punch that tackles heavy-duty materials easily. 

The 18-inch blade enables a deep cut. The saw provides a maximum speed of 2800 SPM. 

Most importantly, the saw has a variable speed trigger. You can adjust it according to the type of material. Also, the saw has a rugged blade holder for reliable performance. 

Some of the items in that box are as follows: They include the saw, the blade, and the carrying case. The buyer will receive a 12-month limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The Bosch corded reciprocating saw has an aggressive motion than enhances vibration. One of the mitigation measures is straightforward. Just let the shoe to remain firmly engaged against the material. 

Also, the pivoting shoe is not adjustable. The good news is that shoe adjustment remains tool-free. 


  • Great motor power for high range tasks
  • Well-made designs for blade changing
  • Stable while cutting
  • Soft ergonomic handles
  • Budget-friendly


  • Need to purchase extra blades
  • Potential grease leakage 

SKILSAW SPT44A-00 13 Amp Reciprocating Saw – The Most Affordable 

Skilsaw is the best reciprocating saw due to its unmatched features. Most importantly, the product uses Buzzkill technology that will control the vibration level. With minimal vibration, you will enjoy usage without getting fatigued. 

The Skilsaw uses a 13 Ampere motor that supplies sufficient power. As such, it will cut through the most rigid material. As you employ the variable speed trigger, you will stay in control while cutting. 

The saw has a unique body design that directs clouds of dust and debris away from you. The saw is suitable for rough cutting, like remodeling and demolitions. It can still cut through woods, structural steel, and non-ferrous metals. 

It has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. Such a design will offer a maximum cutting speed to cut through different material types. The stroke speed is around 2800 SPM. 

The Skilsaw uses a tool-less blade clamp. It will enable you to achieve difficult jobs on the site. The oversize trigger will provide flexibility when cutting in different positions.

This reciprocating saw has an ergonomic handle. You can comfortably use it over an extended period. The user will experience hand comfort while controlling the toughest jobs on the site.

The saw weighs only 9 pounds. About that, it remains lightweight. You can use it extensively without getting fatigued. The product is suitable for performing tasks in the long-term. 

The entire package includes the reciprocating saw and the carrying case. Similarly, you will have to purchase the blades separately. Ensure that you get the right blades to meet your needs. 

The cord length is around 8 feet. The size is adequate to allow the user to access confined places. The product comes with affordable price tags hence popular.


  • Tool-free blade change 
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • Counterbalance mechanisms to reduce vibrations
  • One year limited warranty
  • Large stroke length for adequate cutting speed


  • Have to buy the blades separately

Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

A reciprocating saw is a very useful tool, especially when doing demolition work. This saw stands above the competition with its ability to cut through almost anything.

You can cut through metal, tile, wood, plastic, or composite with a reciprocating saw. Nothing can stop you as long you have the right blade for your saw.

This saw is not only reliable but also powerful and tough. As such, it is an addition to your toolbox that you cannot afford to miss. A reciprocating saw will come in handy for many years in all your DIY jobs.

Its importance makes it prudent for you to understand it fully before you make a purchase.

Understanding What a Reciprocating Saw is

A reciprocating saw is a powerful tool that moves back and forth in a straight line to cut. A potent electric motor drives the blade at a supersonic speed of over 2,000 strokes a minute.

The blades of this saw come in varying lengths, making it possible to handle any type of cutting.

This powerful tool is equally popular in plumbing and electrical jobs. It brings with it unlimited possibilities.

To buy the best reciprocating saw, you need to consider several factors. Among them is the accessibility of power outlets and how much tool movement you require.

Other crucial factors to consider are the size and weight of the unit. Do not forget to put into consideration the amount of time the tool will be in use.

Consider the Power of the Saw

Depending on the type of job you plan to do, reciprocating saw power is a key factor to consider. A wrong choice of power output can adversely affect your success in cutting work.

Heavy-duty projects such as demolition require a saw with plenty of power. For light-duty projects, you may not necessarily need a very powerful saw.

Consider the Type of a Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are of two major types. You can opt for either a cordless option or a corded saw.

Each of this option has its own merits and demerits:

  • Corded reciprocating saws

The major advantage of a corded saw is that it will give you consistent full power throughout. It will also provide you with access to power ranging from below 5 amps to over 15 amps.

Tip: You can use any reciprocating saw with power over 10 amps to do any heavy-duty cutting job.

Another merit of this saw is that it is slightly cheaper than the cordless one.

The corded saw’s major drawback is that the cord can be annoying when you want to move around.

  • Cordless Reciprocating Saw

A cordless saw will offer you enhanced action and greater maneuverability. You use it horizontally or vertically, and make tough cuts without fearing to cut through a power cord.

Another benefit of a cordless saw is that it offers you variable speeds. As such, you will have more control over the tool. You can also use the control feature to choose your desired setting for greater effectiveness and comfort.

A cordless reciprocating saw is more effective when it comes to longer strokes measuring 1-1/4”. The longer strokes help you get aggressive and fast cuts. At the same time, you can also make shorter strokes measuring 3/4”, ideal for plunge cuts.

Moreover, they are more convenient to move around without having to unplug it. You can also transport a cordless saw to any location because it does not require any power source.

A major demerit of a cordless saw is that, as the battery runs low, the saw begins to lose its power. Consequently, you may have to bring with you extra batteries to complete your work. Alternatively, you may have to wait as the battery recharges.

Tip: A cordless saw that gets powered by lithium-ion batteries has a longer running time.

The other major demerit is that cordless saws are almost twice as expensive as corded options.

Consider Comfort and Convenience

Most of the jobs that call for the use of a reciprocating saw involve working for many hours. Consequently, it would be best if you bought a tool that is comfortable to work with for long hours.

Sometimes, you may have to work with the saw overhead. Holding the saw at an upward angle for many several hours can easily cause fatigue.

To make your work easy, you can consider getting a lighter cord unit. The battery inside the cordless units increases the weight, and you may want to avoid such.

Again, you may opt for a smaller tool in case you are working inside a compact space. Such a tool will make it easy for you to maneuver around.

An adjustable blade, a rotating handle, and blade will also come in handy. These features will provide you with a natural grip that you can use at various angles.

Also, consider buying a saw that has a well-balanced design. Such a design will help you have more control as well as make the saw feel lighter.

You can also enhance the comfort of the saw by getting a saw that has a cushioned grip. Such a grip will allow you to work long hours through sweaty jobs.

Avoid a tool that highly vibrates, as this is likely to increase fatigue. You will be able to work longer hours using a tool that has less vibration. Less vibration increases the tool’s accuracy.

Consider the Enhancements

A reciprocating saw performs demanding jobs that slowly wear out the saw blade. Purchase a saw that has a tool-less blade changing feature. This feature makes it easy to replace and enhances the saw’s efficiency.

 Another enhancement you can consider is a flexible rubber cord. A rubber cord makes it for you to maneuver the saw.

Consider also having a lighted plug to let you know when the tool has no power.

A cord storage area is another enhancement to consider. It will mainly ensure that you maintain tidiness. A portable container will also come in handy, especially when you want to transport your tool.

An Adjustable Shoe

The shoe is more of a blade guide that you can adjust for both depth and angle. When you extend it, you help prolong the blade life in that you can use different teeth sections.

An adjustable shoe also allows you more control and stability. It comes with numerous positions that will enable enhanced use.

Again, you can easily adjust them without requiring any other specialized tool. Another merit of an adjustable shoe is that it allows you to have blade visibility. You can also use it to cut in various positions.

Orbital Maneuverability

A reciprocating saw with an orbital action will allow you great maneuverability. With this feature, you can use the saw both horizontally and vertically to achieve fast cuts.

The other benefit of this feature is that it gives you consistent sawing speed irrespective of the tool’s position.

Again, variable settings allow you to cut materials such as metals slowly and effectively.

A Storage Case

You will need a storage case if you want to enhance your tool’s protection when transporting it. The case will also ensure that all the saw accessories remain together with it.

You can enhance the saw’s protection further by acquiring a case that has a hard exterior.

The Motor

A reciprocating saw can have either a brush motor or a brushless motor. Most corded tools will have brush motors, while cordless saws will have brushless motors.

Brush motors are less costly. However, they wear out with time. As such, they will require maintenance.

 Brushless motors hardly require any maintenance. Moreover, they last more, and they are more efficient using in power consumption.

If you have decided to go for a cordless saw, it is advisable that you brushless motor, albeit more expensive.

The Blade Action

The blade action is another very important factor to consider. Most of the reciprocating saws have a back and forth blade action.

However, some saws have orbital blade action, which is slightly elliptical. Such saws are mostly used in projects that require more aggressive cutting.

Those that have orbital blade action are the best demolition work. However, they can be too severe for some other tasks.

A reciprocating saw that allows you to turn the orbital action on and off is a great investment.

The Speed

When it comes to reciprocating saws, speed is a very crucial factor to consider. The trigger of the saw is what usually controls the speed. However, sometimes you may require to add a dial for more efficiency.

The maximum speed of a reciprocating saw lies between 2,500 to 3,000 spm (strokes per minute). The higher the speed of the saw, the faster it cuts.

In most cases, however, a high-speed saw is not always the best option. The best saw would be that which allows you to tailor the speed as per the need.

A good example is when you have to cut both wood and steel. With a saw that has variable speed, you could choose a faster spm when cutting steel than when cutting wood.

The Stroke

Most of the time, when buying a saw from the manufacturer, they will quote for you the word stroke. The most common stroke 1 1/8 inches.

The stroke has very little to do with the performance of the saw. In most cases, the blade length determines the maximum thickness of the material you can cut.

However, stroke is still of benefit because a longer stroke helps to distribute blade wear more evenly.

Is it a One-handed or two-handed operation

You will also need to consider whether the saw is one-handed or two-handed.

Most reciprocating saws are in a design that allows for use with both hands. They have rubberized handles to help provide a good grip. Some also have a design that allows the use of only one hand.

Most of these saws are usually quite long, and they can provide a challenge when working in confined places. However, some are a bit compact since they have their motor at an angle.

Reciprocating Saw Prices

Most of the cheapest saws you will find in the market go for $40 or $50. Most of these are corded saws.

The major challenge with these saws is that they are entry-level saws. As such, they are more suitable for occasional use only.

If you would like to get a good saw, you may have to spend a little more.

If you have between $70 and $120, you can find a very reciprocating saw. This price is also good enough to get you a high-quality cordless tool.

The only challenge again here will be that they will all be bear tools. You will have to purchase add-ons such as a battery and a charger. These add-ons would likely double the price.

However, it is possible to get an all-in-one cordless kit. This kit comes with a reciprocating saw, a charger, a battery, and a carry case. The price of such a kit will range from $300 to $400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an 18V Reciprocating saw differ greatly from a 20V reciprocating saw?

There is no much difference between these two saws. The two saws use a similar battery. However, it is in the description that the manufacturer differentiates them.

A 20V saw is described according to the maximum voltage output it delivers when the motor starts. On the other hand, 18V is the nominal voltage output when the motor is running normally.

Is there a difference between a reciprocating saw and a Sawzall?

The two names come back to trademark issues. It is the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company that uses the term “Sawzall.”

However, this name has become synonymous with almost all reciprocating saws. It is the same as how people refer to a vacuum cleaner as a “Hoover.”

However, the bottom line is that whereas all Sawzalls are reciprocating saws, not all reciprocating saws are Sawzalls!

Which is better, a reciprocating saw or a jigsaw?

In essence, you can say that a jigsaw is a type of reciprocating saw. The two saws apply similar cutting action and can even share a few tasks.

However, the difference is that a jigsaw has a finer blade, and it mostly does delicate cutting work. A jigsaw also cuts horizontally.

On the other hand, the blade of a reciprocating saw is thicker, and it does the rapid and aggressive cutting. Again, a reciprocating saw cuts vertically.

Because of the nature of their blades, you cannot use these two saws interchangeably.


A reciprocating saw is a very crucial tool that you cannot afford to choose haphazardly. With the many of them in the market, you will require to ensure you select the best one for your needs.

In this article, we have compiled for you the best options available. Our buyers’ guide is also comprehensive enough to help in making the right choice.

The saws in this article are superior in durability and precision. Feel free to go for the one that best suits your needs.

Marcus Weldman

Marcus Weldman is the main author of WiseMakr.com. Marcus is a tool and DIY enthusiast. He spends his time discovering the comparative differences and practical limits for all kinds of tools.