The Best Scroll Saw Blade for Your Woodcutting Chores

Best Scroll Saw Blade

Having difficulty choosing the best scroll saw blade for your machine?

You’re in the right place! We’ve handpicked the TOP 8 Scroll Saw Blades that satisfy your cutting needs.

SPOILER ALERT: You’d want to pick OLSON SAW FR49501 because it’s the BEST scroll saw blade that can cut medium-hard surfaces! 

Not convinced? Feel free to read more below.

With our guide, you’ll be able to decide which scroll saw blade to buy in 5 minutes or less!

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Our List of Best Scroll Saw Blades

IMAGE PRODUCT Name Specifications
Best Overall
Olson Saw FR49501 Pin End Tooth
  • Pin End Type: Regular and Skip Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 10 / 18.5 TPI
  • Length: 5 inches
Best Value
Flying Dutchman Reverse Teeth
  • Pin End Type: Reverse Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 13 / 13 / 13 / 10 TPI
  • Length: 5 inches
Best Budget Pick
Olson Saw DT49300 Double Tooth
  • Pin End Type: Double Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 23 / 16 / 11 TPI
  • Length: 5 inches
Skil SKL-80181 Pin End Set
  • Pin End Type: Regular Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 18.5 / 20 TPI
  • Length: 5 inches
Olson Saw CT62900 Crown Tooth
  • Pin End Type: Crown Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 6 TPI
  • Length: 5 inches

Olson Saw FR49501 Pin End Tooth (Best Overall)

Want to see how well this most-rated scroll saw blade performs? Read down, and you will know why a LOT of customers love these blades from OLSON SAW!


  • Pin End Type: Regular and Skip Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 10 / 18.5 TPI
  • Dimension (Widex Thickness): .1 x .018 / .1 x .018 / .07 x .01
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: OLSON SAW
  • Made in: Germany


The OLSON SAW FR49501 pin end scroll saw blade set contains two blade types: the Regular Tooth and Skip Tooth.

You will DEFINITELY need this if you are looking for an all-around pack of saw blades.

The similarity of both blades is that their teeth are facing in the same direction. Other than that, the differences between the two blades are STAGGERING!

Regular Blade Type
  • Teeth that are tightly placed
  • And your final work will be dust-free with this
  • But it produces raised edge sometimes
Skip Tooth Blade
  • There are more spaces in between its tooth
  • Cutting is not that accurate
  • It makes a rough design

Both the pin ends also have metal blades. So expect that they can be a bit noisy as they work through their way of finely cutting materials.


The OLSON SAW FR49501 scroll blade is the #1 BEST seller on Amazon’s Scroll Saw Blades category. Wonder how these scroll saw blades came to that?

Well, this pin end blade is EXTREMELY robust because it can trim even hardwood. You can expect the three assortments to cut through any craft material. 

You heard it right. This FR49501 pin end blade has three different 5-inch saw blades you can use:

  • 15 TPI (Regular tooth): Can cut material with 3/32″ – 1/2″ thickness
  • 10 TPI (Regular tooth): Can cut material with 1/4″ – 1″ thickness
  • 18.5 TPI (Skip tooth): Can cut material with 3/32″ – 1/2″ thickness

You can get any work done with a variety of blade types this particular product offers. What’s more is it can also cut wallboard, plastic, and more medium surfaces other than wood.


  • Multiple selections add to its versatility
  • Durable; Can withstand the medium-hard wood types
  • Also works with other surfaces besides wood


  • Can only be used on scroll saws that require 5-inch blades
  • Sometimes leaves burrs on your wood piece

Flying Dutchman Reverse Teeth (Best Value)

Why is this pack of blades the best value here? Well, you will get 1 dozen of each 5 different blade types at affordable price!

What you should also be excited about is that it is a REVERSE blade! You will see down below why this is a great blade for woodworking.


  • Pin End Type: Reverse Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 13 / 13 / 13 / 10 TPI
  • Sizes: #2/0 / #1 / #3 / #5 / #7
  • Dimension (WidexThickness): .022 x .010 / .026 x .011 / .035 x .013 / .037 x .015 / .043 x .017
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Flying Dutchman
  • Made in: Germany


Are you seeking reverse skip scroll saw blades with a high-grade quality of steel? Well, look no more.

Your Flying Dutchman blades got that attribute that will win the hearts of a woodworker with unparalleled physical standards.

Flying Dutchman offers power tools that have a reverse tooth design. Its blades are pointing in two opposite directions. And it is thanks to this that it can cut downstroke and upstroke at the same time.

This matters a LOT in wood carving because these particular blades are the MOST useful in avoiding tear-out on the backside of your wood board.


This reverse skip scroll saw blade has a WIDER selection of sizes. This means you can cut a medium-hard wood with 3/4″ – 1″ thickness by using the #7 blades.

It is recommended to use this reverse tooth scroll saw blade on wood. However, you should NOT use it on materials with too much thickness.

Your blades will not be effective on that. You will need #9 blades and up to cut heavier surfaces.


  • Wide array of blades to choose from (5 to be exact)
  • Sharp scroll saw blades
  • Clean cuts on wood


  • Produces sanding if these blades are used in cutting other materials

Olson Saw DT49300 Double Tooth (Best Budget)

Want to save as much money as possible? Well, you will also get 3 blade assortments at this low price!


  • Pin End Type: Double Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 23 / 16 / 11 TPI
  • Size: #3 / #5 / #9
  • Dimension (WidexThickness): 032 x .014 /  .038 x .016 / .053 x .018
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: OLSON SAW
  • Made in: Germany


These blades are ALMOST indistinguishable from skip tooth blades. The only difference is it has a larger gap in between a pair of teeth.

What’s great with this blade type is you will be able to cut materials SMOOTHER than a regular saw blade.

Though the drawback you will get with these blades is harder to control due to their complex style. 


You will need OLSON SAW DT49300 blades in your life exactly because they can cut a broad range of thickness levels. Just take a look at its cutting skills:

  • Size #3: Cuts 3/32″– 1/2″ of thin materials
  • Size #5: Cuts  1/8″ or thicker materials
  • Size #9: Cuts 3/16″ up to 2″ of super thick materials


  • Can cut thin and thick materials effectively
  • Three types of scroll saw blades are available
  • Durable double tooth blades


  • Cuts slowly
  • Harder to control when cutting

Skil SKL-80181 Pin End Set (Best for Warm-Up)

This regular scroll saw blade is perfect for practicing. Using this will not disappoint you as it is tough enough to trim even hard surfaces! So get this blade if you want to warm up!


  • Pin End Type: Regular Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 15 / 18.5 / 20 TPI
  • Thickness: 1/16″
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Skil
  • Made in: US


The SKL-90191 pin end scroll saw blade might just have the standard set of tooth blades.

They are made of premium-grade steel! You can rely on these blades to last long on your hands with proper care.


Like the one above, this pin end scroll saw blade is also one of those with various TPI choices. You are free to choose any suitable blade for your specific woodwork project. You can use it to cut thin wood or plastic.


  • Penetrates thin surfaces smoothly
  • High-end premium-grade steel
  • Has a variety of TPI choices


  • Cuts slowly
  • Not reliable on hardwood and other rough surfaces

Olson Saw CT62900 Crown Tooth (Best for Non-Wood Materials)

Dewalt DW788 is theAre you working on metal right now? You would want to get this crown scroll saw blade as it is the best blade to trim non-wood materials!


  • Pin End Type: Crown Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 6 TPI
  • Size: #9
  • Dimension (WidexThickness): .053 x .018
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: OLSON SAW
  • Made in: Germany


OLSON SAW CT62900’s looks are quite peculiar compared to a normal saw blade.

Its teeth literally form the shape of a crown. But they are not closely packed — there is a gap between the teeth of these blades. 

Do the blades look too weird for you?

Well, you will still like this nevertheless for its design that is NOT confusing. These crown tooth blades are easy to install without needing to figure out if it is pointed in the right place or not.

If the opposite edge starts cutting sluggishly, you can even use the unused side.


As a scroll saw user, you would be amazed at the ability of these blades to cut an especially thicker wood WITHOUT losing control.

It will be hardly probable to break this type of scroll saw blade with a size of #9.

Just a reminder, though. Use a FASTER speed for #9 saw blades since they cut slower than a regular blade.

…But as all things are great, unfortunately, this scroll saw blade has only one size. So you better choose these blades ONLY if you are planning to work on materials with about a 1-inch thickness.

With this saw blade, you will be able to cut the following wood types:

  • Softwood to 1-1/2″
  • Hardwood to 3/4″
  • Plastic to 3/4″


  • Able to cut thicker wood
  • Less likely to break
  • Can use the other edge if the opposite side becomes dull
  • Can cut thicker materials other than wood


  • Only offers 1 TPI option

Delta 40-521-Precision Ground (Best for Experts)

This blade is unforgiving and difficult to use. But guess what comes after you have mastered it? Well, you will be able to trim THICKER materials with a size #9 and above!


  • Pin End Type: Precision Ground Teeth (PGT)
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 12 / 2 / 9 TPI
  • Size: #12 / #2 / #9 (choose only one)
  • Manufacturer: Delta
  • Made in: China


The Delta precision ground tooth looks the same as the skip scroll saw blades too. But you will notice that these blades have SMALLER teeth if you take a closer look.

And that’s what you will have to thank for its ability to cut your material clean and straight.


Want to know what each scroll saw blade is for? Well…

  • #12 scroll saw blades are for cutting extremely thick wood such as hickory (straighter cuts)
  • #9 scroll saw blades are  for cutting thick wood such as cherry or walnut (cleaner cuts)
  • #2 scroll saw blades are for cutting thin wood such as pine or cedar (stable cuts)


  • Sharp blade teeth
  • Straight and clean cuts
  • Up to #12 blade sizes
  • Works great for thicker cuts


  • Hard to control when cutting (especially for beginners)

Olson Saw SP46500 Spiral (Best for Irregular Shapes)

Are you making an abstract figure with the most appealing complex pattern ever? Pick the spiral blades! It will not give you fine finishes. But it will help you form any irregular shape you are picturing. Nothing is impossible with spiral blades!


  • Pin End Type: Spiral Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 36 TPI
  • Size: #4
  • Length: 5 inches
  • Manufacturer: OLSON SAW
  • Made in: Germany


This specific variant from OLSON SAW has spiral scroll saw blades. And what does it do in woodworking?

Well, for one, it has a twisted design — each blade goes for 360 degrees.

This means you can cut plastic or any material in every direction. There is no need to do rotations just to find the cutting edge with these blades.

And yes… It is quite different from the other scroll saw blades. So it is ONLY recommended to use this one for special cases where jagged shapes are needed.

You should also take note that these blades are made of high carbon premium-grade steel. With this, you can cut a hard material without too much struggle.


The OLSON SAW spiral scroll saw blade is sized #4. Combine it with high-quality steel, and you will be able to produce solid cuts.

With these blades, the time it takes to finish a work is highly dependent on the thickness of the material you are cutting.

So you will obviously have to spend a long time cutting hard materials such as maple. You will have the best work quality if you use these blades for cutting about 3/4″ pine or any not-hard-as-a-rock material.


  • Cuts material in all directions
  • Able to work on thicker materials


  • 1 blade size only
  • Cuts are not sharp
  • Leaves rough work
  • Not precise

Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth (Best for Beginner)

Dewalt DW788 is the whole package when it comes to the best scroll saws available in the market.


  • Pin End Type: Skip Teeth
  • Threads per inch (TPI): 20 / 12. 5 / 11.5 TPI
  • Size: #2 / #5 / #7
  • Dimension (WidexThickness): 029″ x .012″ / .038″ x .016″ / .045″ x .017″
  • Manufacturer: OLSON SAW
  • Made in: Germany


Like the FR49501, this particular scroll saw blade set has to skip tooth blades, too — all the three assortments have that.

This scroll saw blade is the MOST common among all woodworkers. And especially for beginners.

The reason for that is it is handy in cleaning sawdust. And it is the open space between the skip tooth blade that makes it possible for the dust to exit easily.


You would love this pin end scroll saw blade because it offers different sizes too. The more, the better, right?

You can use the size #2 saw blade when cutting thin material. And #5 and #7 saw blades are for 3/4″ to 1″ material. It is basically an average. It is perfect for you if you have some simple projects.

Wood, plastic, and fibrous materials are safe with skip tooth blades.


  • Three-blade sizes
  • Fast adjustment period
  • Smooth finishes
  • Solid chip clearance


  • Produces slightly rough work

How Do I Know What’s Best for Me?

We know how HARD it is to choose the best scroll saw blades for your scroll saws. Especially if you are just new to wood carving. So we made this little section here to help you identify the factors you will need to consider. We hope you will be able to decide on one after this!

Different Types of Scroll Saw Blades

Now, if you can still remember, there are different types of scroll saw blades. Knowing this particular info is essential because you can’t just settle with anything as long as its “looks” are good.

Each scroll saw blade has different purposes. You can’t just use a spiral scroll saw blade if you want to carve a small, clean figurine. Remember, this type of blade is not that effective in clean-cutting.

This is just a sample scenario. We don’t want to see you end up in that situation.

So we will lay down the summary of each of their purposes once again—all for you to have a better understanding of their uses.

Standard/Regular Teeth Scroll Saw Blades

This scroll saw blade is designed for easy use. It provides regular cuts. But it can NOT handle anything more complex than that. It also clears some dust as you work your way to finish your project.

Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

Skip blades offer BETTER chip clearance than a regular blade. And you will have CLEARER visibility with this. Cutting with this type of blade also works just fine.

But it can’t do fine cuts too. This is the best scroll saw blade for beginners.

Double Teeth Scroll Saw Blades

Double teeth scroll saw blades almost have the same cuts as skip blades have. Only it is a bit smoother.

It is recommended to ONLY use this if you are cutting materials with a thickness of no more than 2″ so it will not break.

Reverse Teeth Scroll Saw Blades

This saw blade is also identical to the skip scroll saw blade. But it is WAY better at clearing sawdusts because of its blades pointing in two opposite directions.

Use this if you want cleaner finishes.

Precision Ground (PGT) Scroll Saw Blades

Pick this if you want your pin-end scroll saw blades to last long in your hands. It has sharp, powerful blades that can cut through thicker materials.

It has minimal dust and cracks too. Experts are the ones who can control it the most.

Spiral Tooth Scroll Saw Blades

The spiral blades are used to form IRREGULAR shapes and patterns. It is difficult to control, so expert woodworkers should only use the spiral scroll saw blades.

But hobbyists can also use these blades for practice.

Crown Teeth Scroll Saw Blades

This is the MOST recent blade configuration so far. Crown scroll saw blades are great for cutting thick plywoods and other harder materials.

It is EASY to control. And you can have smooth finishes with this type of scroll saw blade.

Blade Sizes

There are different sizes for scroll saw blades too. And it matters why? Well, it is the one that tells the capability of a blade to cut heavier materials.

Basically, the higher the number, the bigger your blade gets. Bigger scroll saw blades are much THICKER and WIDER. And these are more capable of cutting wood with heavier weight.

They do NOT break easily.

As for smaller scroll saw blades, they are MORE likely to break. And they cut a bit SLOWER than the bigger scroll saw blades.

So to sum it up, it is ideal to use scroll saw blades with BIGGER size when working on harder materials.

Please keep in mind the following instructions when applying such blades…

  • Only use #3 or smaller blades for materials that are 1/8″ or less thick.
  • Use a #5 or #7 for materials with about 3/4″ thickness.
  • Use a #9 for materials with about 1″ thickness.
  • Use #9 and above for materials that are 1″ and above thick.

But there are some cases where even smaller scroll saw blades are used to cut thicker materials. Though this skill is entirely DEPENDENT on how much you are a pro in woodworking.

Another thing to take note of if you want a finer cut…

Bigger scroll saw blades can cut heavier materials. But you should pick the SMALLEST scroll saw blade size that is capable of cutting that material.

The reason for that is the bigger scroll saw blades usually have a harder time fitting into tighter corners. So your best solution to that is to use the smallest blades possible.

Teeth per Inch (TPI)

You should also mind the number of TPI on your blades.

To summarize, the higher TPI your blades have, the more it trims cleaner and faster. Small blades tend to have low TPI. And bigger blades usually have higher TPI. 

You would want to use blades with high TPI on softwood that does not need aggressive cutting. You cannot use them on hard surface materials as they are not as durable as the bigger blades.

Overall Material Thickness

You should know what you are working on first before deciding on the best scroll saw blades for you. The OVERALL thickness of the material will tell you what blades you will need for your scroll saws.

We emphasize the world “overall” because it is NOT dependent on how one material is naturally thick.

If you are stacking two pieces of wood, you will have to consider its overall thickness.

This means it is TWICE the thickness of the material you are cutting. You will need blades with a size of #9 and above for your scroll saws in this case.

Compatibility With Scroll Saws

It is also important to know whether your best scroll saw blades fit your scroll saws.

It is because some scroll saws ONLY accept specific blades. It can depend on the length. Or whether it only requires pinless blades or not. Or there could be more requirements.

So ensure that it perfectly fits your scroll saws first before picking up a blade.

Let’s Recap the Best Scroll Saw Blade Picks

Best Budget Pick: Olson Saw DT49300 Double Tooth

In need of a budget-friendly blade that delivers results? Olsen’s DT49300 provides all that and then some!

Despite its cheap price point, the blade can cut through thick and thin wood surfaces like a paper cutter. You also get smooth and precise results every time.

Not too shabby for a budget option! Check the best price now!

Best Value: Flying Dutchman Reverse Teeth

This scroll saw blade from Flying Dutchman is the runner-up on the list. It offers multiple size options that help you cut woods with different measurements and thickness levels.

The reverse tooth style design gives you more flexibility on cutting the wood – downward or upward. You’re NOT required to follow one method ONLY. Check the best price now!

Best Overall: Olson Saw FR49501

The OLSON SAW FR49501 is the consensus pick because it has the MOST friendly set of blades.

It’s using the two most common types of blades, making it great for anyone who’s just starting. And it still impresses amateurs above all.

It may not cut thicker materials that well compared to specially made blades. But it still works WONDERS on medium-hard materials. It’s all thanks to its DURABILITY! Check the best price now!


Cutting wood can be a daunting task, but as long as you have any of these options on your side, you should be good!

Each scroll saw blade has unique dimensions and features, so choose the blade that suits your needs the MOST.


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