Bosch RS325 (11-Amp 120-Volt) Reciprocating Saw Review

Bosch RS325 is machinery with the right technology to help the user appropriately. It is a reciprocating saw that contains all features such as versatility of cutting. Also, it has a flexible blade. The product can cut both plastic and wood at great affluence.

The tool is easy to use. It does do discriminate between professional and mere hobbyists. You can involve the tool to get your work done without any stress. Interestingly, this product enjoys orbital action. The design is useful when you are performing delicate cuts.

The saw has a compact design that gives it an edge when storing, among other benefits. Let’s discover more. 

Product Overview

Technician with Bosch RS325

Bosch RS325S is a China-made product that is useful for small and large tasks. Firstly, this corded reciprocating saw has an ultra-compact size. It is about 17.8 inches in length. You can involve it in cutting challenging positions like overhead.

The saw is lightweight, making the user experience less fatigue. You can make use of the orbital action to accelerate the cutting speed. You will achieve fast cutting on a variety of materials.

More importantly, the saw has a fixed foot design. It is effective in the toughest applications. One will not lose foot while working. Moreover, this saw has a soft ergonomic handle for gripping and maximum comfort.

The blade change system is more straightforward. You will perform it without involving any tool. Again, this product has a variable speed trigger that facilitates fixed speed adjustments. It comes in handy when cutting different applications and materials.

Notably, Bosch has a high power-to-weight ratio. It uses a 12 amp motor, which provides adequate power to slice through your stuff. The lightweight design is useful in extended applications without accumulating fatigue easily.

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Product Features

12 Amp Motor

This reciprocating saw comes with a powerful 12-amp motor. The motor will give an impressive performance, considering the device’s compact size. With such power, the saw will slice through different materials effortlessly. It can be both wood and metals.

Notably, this saw uses a brushless motor that is easy to maintain. It is more efficient than the one that uses a carbon brush to work. Generally, the motor is a small yet powerful device to get your tasks done.

Cutting Speed

The motor will determine the power and the cutting speed of the reciprocating saw. Bosch has a variable speed feature which is adjustable to match your needs.

The blade has a 2800 SPM stroke rate. It may not be the best but can be adequate to meet your cutting needs. Furthermore, the saw uses a 1-1/4 stroke length to enhance the cutting speed.

On average, the cutting speed for wood is around 22.99 seconds. The speed will be faster when cutting metals sheets at 7.19 seconds.

Orbital Action

The orbital action is an essential feature on the saw. It will allow the blade to move more aggressively. For instance, the orbital action is ideal in faster cutting during demolition. Also, it will be the right option when cutting sheets of metal.

An Orbital action should have a control switch. The control switch facilitates the transition from orbital to straight cutting conveniently. However, the orbital action is responsible for more vibration than the straight motion.

The additional vibration can make it challenging to control the saw. Also, the grip may prove to be uncomfortable. You can take advantage of the pivoting shoe to reduce vibration.

Vibration Control

Orbital action has diverse benefits to particular cuts. However, it is an aggressive move that will increase vibration. You ought to take certain mitigation measures to control the vibration effects.

The most effective way to lower vibration is to place the shoe on the materials. The pivoting shoe comes in handy since vibration may cause discomfort. Furthermore, consistent vibration will enhance fatigue to the user.

Size and Weight

Bosch RS325 weighs 7 pounds only. Such weight lands it in the lightweight category. Surprisingly, the saw will handle various heavy-duty applications. You can easily move it to the next site.

The saw is also compact. As such, it has a space-saving design hence necessary for storage. The device measures 17-4/5 inches long. The size is suitable for cutting materials in tight areas without experiencing fatigue.

Although the saw is small, it is also durable. It is ideal for garden lovers. One can use it to trim flowers and cause the garden to appear neat. It can also cut limbs off trees and medium-sized logs.

Blade Change

The product is user-friendly, and the blade change system is relatively easy. You will not require any tools to facilitate the changing action. Its rugged blade holder system ensures a firm grip of the blade.

Furthermore, the saw has a properly framed lock-jaw system. The design supports easy blade insertion while using a single hand.

Ergonomic Handle

The designer put an ergonomic handle to enhance user comfort. As you use it, your handles will not strain while cutting the materials. The handle has a design that will align with your body contours.


The saw has budget-friendly prices. The buyer will not break the bank while purchasing this category of a product. The saw will serve you for a prolonged period since it has a rugged built and durable materials. The buyer gets a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.



One can use Bosch RS325 for demolition and other related tasks. It has built-in orbital action to enhance quick and precise cuts. The cool thing is one can perform a quick blade change without using any tools.

The saw has a cutting speed of 2800 SPM. The feature is powerful to make it slice in different types of materials. The 12 amp motor is ideal in providing adequate power to cut through various kinds of stuff.

If you are operating on a budget, then this saw is the right option for you.

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