Dewalt DCS380P1 (20V) Cordless reciprocating saw review

If you are reading this, chances are that you desire to maximize your production. If that is the case, the Dewalt DCS380P1 (20V) will offer you exactly what you are looking for. One feature that makes it stand out is its outstanding performance.

This cordless reciprocating saw is a long-standing king of demolition. The designer made it out of a desire to have compact and smaller versions. This one-handed product is popular with mechanical and plumbing contractors.

It has a longer run time. Additionally, it has more power courtesy of 20V lithium-ion battery technology. The design will allow the user to interchange between tools and batteries.

Product Overview

Technician with Dewalt DCS380P1

The product enjoys a versatile design. For instance, the four-position blade clamp is necessary for flush cutting. Also, the arrangement is useful while performing quick and easy switches.

The saw enjoys a lightweight and compact design. It weighs about 5.4 pounds, which is ideal for consistent use without straining. The 14-inch length will allow the operator to work in tight areas comfortably. 

The presence of a variable speed trigger improves the saw functionality. It supports a speed rate of 3000 SPM. As such, it can slice through different materials within no time. In other words, you will achieve your targets faster.

The entire package comes with the saw and the carrying case. Unfortunately, you will purchase the blade, the charger, and the battery separately. Also, the saw uses the LED light to illuminate dark working areas.

The only power source comes from a 20V battery. It will provide adequate power to enable the saw to cut through different materials. The pivoting shoe is adjustable to extend the blade life. Also, it controls the depth of the cut.

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Product Features

Variable Speed trigger

It is another great feature that improves performance. The feature allows the operator to dictate the speed of the reciprocating saw. Furthermore, it will allow additional cuts that are accurate than single-speed setting.

As you use the variable speed trigger, you adjust your speed to match your project. Your speed for cutting soft materials will vary when you switch to hard materials.

Combining the variable speed trigger with 3000SPOM increases convenience. It enables exceptionally productive cutting sessions.

Adjustable Pivoting Shoe

You will need the adjustable pivoting shoe when controlling the vibration. You will press through tough and hard materials while cutting them. It allows one to make cuts on awkward angles in a limited space.

The adjustable shoe is not a common feature in many reciprocating saw. In other words, it is not adjustable. The feature comes in handy to allow one to maximize the project.

Cutting Performance

DeWalt saw is an indispensable tool for tradesmen, contractors, contractors, and demolition projects. The saw enjoys an 18-1/4 stroke length. Furthermore, it has a maximum of 3000 SPM; hence it has a high cutting speed.

Since it lacks the orbital action, wood cutting happens to be slower. However, metal cutting is relatively high. It will slice through the sheet metal within two seconds. The saw can cut through different materials such as EMT, copper pipe, or PVC.

Vibration Control

The primary focus of this model did not factor vibration control. Generally, one must operate with minimal or zero vibration to retain comfort. Alternatively, the operator can involve the adjustable shoe to control the effects of vibration manually. When you work on a vibration-free product, you will not encounter fatigue easily.

LED light

It can be challenging if you are working in dark areas. As a result, the DeWalt has a bright LED light that will illuminate your working area. The light has significant advantages as you can still operate in the night. Furthermore, it reduces accidents, as visibility will not be an issue.

Size and Weight

DeWalt 20V happens to be lightweight and the most compact. Besides, it weighs 5.4 pounds, which is effortless while carrying around. The compactness is ideal when you want to store it. It will consume less space hence convenient for transportation.

This 14-inch length product has a space-saving design. The reciprocating saw can be the right choice when you have overhead work.

Blade Change

You can make use of a keyless, lever-action four-position blade clamp. It allows you to change the blade in all four directions quickly. It is convenient for a variety of applications like flush cutting. The LED light will shine on the blade area for more convenience. 

Stroke Length

The saw enjoys a 1-1/8 stroke length to cut materials quickly and efficiently. Using such a stroke, contractors will cut through their materials and be completed fast. Also, the saw will combine with a powerful motor for speedy performance.

Ergonomic Handle

A handle is a sensitive place that determines your comfort. About that, the saw comes with an ergonomic handle to make you comfortable. This handle has a rubber covering, which is soft and comfortable.

The handle has a textured surface to enhance grip and make your operations to appear simple. The rubberized anti-slip grip makes it outstanding. 


The cool thing is DeWalt is an affordable option. The reciprocating saw comes with pocket-friendly prices. If you are an electrician, plumber, and a renovation contractor, here comes your option.



DeWalt 20V reciprocating saw will suit many plumbers, DIY enthusiasts, and electricians. The saw comes with outstanding features to enhance its performance. Moreover, the user will experience a high cutting speed to complete the project as planned. 

Also, the exercise of blade changing is tool-free. Notably, the product is compact to maximize space while storing it. At 5.4 pounds, the saw is lightweight hence suitable for overhead works. The well-balanced design will reduce general fatigue.

At 3000 SPM, you will be sure to complete your tasks on time. The saw will slice through different materials types hence highly versatile. You can still chance blade in four varying positions for greater convenience.

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