Dewalt DWE357 12-Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Dewalt DWE357 is a compact reciprocating saw with a unique length of 14. 5 inches. The manufacturer installed the motor at an angle. The design will assist the operator in letting it access confined places.

One will easily transport it to the next site than a full-size saw. This saw uses a 12-amp motor to provide dependable cutting performance.

This reciprocating saw is ideal for construction and building destruction purposes. Also, it is suitable for cutting wood, metal, and drywall.

The saw has unmatched versatility. You can install a blade in four different positions. Furthermore, the product will use a large-sized blade. Thankfully, the comfortable handle design will enhance the user experience.

An Overview of the Product

Dewalt DWE357

Dewalt DWE357 is a 6.8-pound product. The saw has a lightweight and compact design. The user can store it easily while travelling to another site. Additionally, the 14.5-inch length makes tight areas to be accessible. Such a flexible design makes it to be convenient for various applications.

Besides, the product uses a 12 amp motor. The motor produces adequate power to handle heavy-duty applications. Furthermore, the saw operates at 3000 strokes per minute. The 1-1/8 stroke length will enable fast and efficient cutting.

The handle has an over-molded soft grip. It is a perfect anti-slip grip design that will enhance user control. It will still lower vibration to make it user-friendly.

The variable speed trigger will control the cutting speed of this device. Of course, you must vary the speed depending on the nature of the materials.

This product has a keyless lever-action clamp that features four positions. Such a design adds to its versatility.

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Product Features

Size and Weight

Dewalt DE357 is a compact reciprocating saw. This 14.5-inch product will support an easy appliance setup. Also, you will store and carry it to your site easily.

Dewalt will adjust in a compact place properly. Such areas can be studs, corners, and under sinks. Furthermore, the product holds a weight of 6.8 pounds landing in the lightweight category.

Power and Performance

The product operates with a 12-amp motor. Even better, the powered motor is useful in tackling heavy-duty applications. You cut through various materials such as plastic, concrete, wood, and metal.

The reciprocating saw offers a maximum of 3000 strokes per minute. It is dependable when you want to cut tough and rigid materials. This product enjoys a strong 1-1/8 stroke length to ensure quality cuts.

The product is suitable for construction workers, demolition experts, and so on. The user will enjoy balance and control. As such, it will assist the professional in working for long periods. They will also experience less fatigue.

The model has a balancing feature to distribute the weight equitably. The two hands will not strain and accumulate fatigue easily.

Ergonomic Handle

Each user would want to enjoy comfort during all operations. The manufacturer made that issue possible by designing an ergonomic handle. The handle has an over-molded soft grip to enhance comfort.

Also, the front boot area will align with your body shape. As such, you will never strain your hand while working for long periods. The design will lower any sense of vibration, thereby eliminate any fatigue.

The Case

The model comes with a strong nylon case. You will use it to store the case as you travel. Remarkably, the saw will lie fat while inside. The case provides a safe way of keeping your product from causing injuries.

Safety Features

The safety of the operator is paramount. Dewalt DWE357 has your interest at heart. It has a variable trigger speed to assist the user in speed control. Notably, there is a switch button that will shut the motor for unintended operation.

The designer insulated significant parts of this product. They include electric motor, cables, and connectors. Before you begin your operations, you will have to ground the power cord to eliminate shock.

Users should familiarize themselves with safety procedures from the manual. It contains all the needed details to keep you out of danger. Finally, the model has a bright LED light that illuminates dark working areas.


The manufacturer designed this model for heavy-duty applications. Backed by a powerful motor, it cut can through different stuff. The materials may range from plastic, metal, concrete, fiberglass, and more.

This corded model cuts closely packed spaces. You will gain more control whenever you work on overhead tasks. Furthermore, it is easy to operate hence suitable to any beginner. Also, it can serve various groups, such as demolition specialists and electricians.

You can use this model to operate on small scale tasks. They may be DIY tasks at home.

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Vibration contributes to discomfort and fatigue to the user. About that, the designer installed an anti-vibration feature to neutralize the effect. For instance, the over-molding design will decrease vibration. The operator can use it for long periods without getting worn out.

The Blade Clamp

The model has a key-less lever-action blade clamp. It enables the blade fitting to remain secure. Also, the yellow lever will release and eject the blade.

Interestingly, you can install the blade in four different directions. As a result, it can cut down, up, left, or right. Therefore, the design makes the saw to be ever versatile.


Indeed, this model comes with user-friendly prices. The attached features and the affordability aspect makes it more popular. Furthermore, it has many customer reviews from Amazon. As you purchase this saw, you will get a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.



Dewalt DWE357 saw model is ideal for both beginners and professionals. The product slices through different materials within a short period. It can be the right option for heavy-duty applications.

Most importantly, it has a powerful motor to support its purpose. At 3000 strokes per minute, the product completes the tasks on time. A well-balanced design is necessary for the operator to gain control.

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