3 Ways to Fold Your Bandsaw Blades

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The process of folding a bandsaw blade is not complex, but it can be tricky. The blade must be perfectly straight and flat to get the best results.

Most bandsaw blades are made from 1095 steel, making them durable enough for this process if done correctly. But first let’s be sure we are folding the right thing:

What Is a Bandsaw Blade?

A bandsaw blade is a continuous strip of sharpened steel. These blades are stored in a continuous loop, which is why they can be folded without damaging the blade. The continuous band design allows for these blades to cut faster and with more power than other blades on the market.

A folded blade can be stored in a small space efficiently and taken out when needed for use. When you know you need this tool, it is essential to have the ability to take it out of storage without any worries of damage to your metal bandsaw.

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How to Fold a Small Bandsaw Blade


Gloves, bandsaw blade and you; that’s all you need!

For safety reasons, use thick and tough gloves when performing any task involving blades

If your blade is sharpened, be careful when performing this operation as it can easily cut you!

Step 1: Put the blade on a level surface and hold it with your foot. Hold the blade with your foot, grasp it from underneath and pull against the loop.

Step 2: Bring your right hand inside of your left hand to grasp it firmly from underneath. Carefully pull the top of the loop away from you until it is flat with only a slight bend in the blade. The teeth on your bandsaw blade should now be facing left, away from you.

Step 3: Remove your foot from under the bottom of the loop and place it on top of the blade just in front of the loop. Use one hand to grasp the top of the loop and hold it firmly against the level surface while pushing down with your foot on the blade.

Step 4: While pulling against the loop, use your feet to roll the blade into a small circle. Then secure it tightly for storage.

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade into 3 Loops

The blade will have three parts, each with a single loop. To make this happen, you will need to square the ends of the blade after folding it once.

Place your bandsaw blade on a level surface and hold it with your foot. Keep one end of the blade attached to the table as you grasp the other end from underneath and pull firmly against the loop.

Now, gently pull on the top of the loop towards you while keeping your foot over the bottom part of the loop. The two parts should come together and make a single metal band that is flat with no bends at all!

How to Double Fold a Bandsaw Blade

The first step to folding a blade is making sure that it is clean. Using your fingers, rub the teeth of the blade so that they are free from dirt and other contaminants in order for them to cut more efficiently. You will then want to align all of the bands on one side by sliding them up or down as needed before holding onto the blade.

Holding Blade: With your gloves on, hold the blade with the blades teeth facing away from you.

Push down on blade: Put pressure onto one side of the bandsaw and then push it towards yourself before releasing it so that all of the loops are pulled together and loose ends are now at one end of the blade.

Continue turning: Continue to do this until you have a loop on one end of the bandsaw and then pull it tight so that all of the loops are now secured in place. This will create an evenly-woven braid, which ensures safety when using your saw as well as prolonged life for your blade!

Stretch your arms: Stretch both of your arms to the front in order for you to get a full stretch. This will help when coiling up the blade as well as give you a good grip on it so that this process is easy and quick.

Gather loops together: Gather all of the loose ends onto one end, creating another loop.

How to Use a Bandsaw Blade Folding Jig?

1. Remove the continuous band from the machine and feed it through the jig with the teeth facing away from your body.

2. As you feed the continuous band through, you will feel it tighten. After it is securely in place, back the continuous band out until all teeth are even and centered on both sides of the jig.

Important Tips

Make sure your bandsaw has a set of guides in place, and it’s on a level surface before you start. One way to ensure your guides are secure is to keep a small amount of material beneath them. Once you have both guides set in place, carefully feed the continuous band with the teeth pointing away from you through one guide and out under the second guide.

After you have folded your bandsaw blade, tuck it away in a box until the next time you need to use it. Make sure you oil it thoroughly before you place it in a box or bag.

If you plan on keeping your blade for a long time, consider investing in an airtight storage container with holes for oxygen to enter; this will help keep rust from forming as the blade oxidizes.


One of the most important parts of a bandsaw is the blade. Without it, you will have no reason to cut anything into smaller pieces.

Use the methods in this article when you are done cutting for the day, to fold round blade. This will ensure safety storage and prolong life span. Enjoy years of safe and effective bandsaw blade use without any hassle at all!

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