How to Make a Wooden Box with Scroll Saw

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Making a scroll saw box is an easy project to undertake. It can be made from inexpensive materials, and the steps are straightforward.

This article will walk you through the process of making a scroll saw box, no matter your skill level or experience with this kind of work. Let’s look at a list of materials needed and detailed instructions on how to make one!

But first, let’s find out what a scroll saw box is so we can be on the same page.

What is a Scroll Saw Box?

Scroll saw boxes are decorative objects or containers made using only a wood cutting tool called a scroll saw. They are usually made of thin plywood and embellished with veneers, inlays, and other decorations to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

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 The size of the box will depend on what you intend to use it for; if you want it to hold jewelry, then you would want one that’s small enough so as not to take up too much space but big enough so as not to lose any items inside.

If you’re interested in making your scroll saw box, these instructions should help get the process started!

List of Material needed

  • A large can, such as a paint can.
  • Wooden boards or wood scraps that are cut into square pieces (less than an inch thick and less than two inches wide) – ideally the size of the inside perimeter of your scroll saw box. Depending on how big you want your scroll saw the box, you’ll need a different number of boards. Related: Types of wood for your scroll saw projects.
  • Wood glue and clamps to secure the pieces
  • Ruler or straight edge for measuring and cutting
  • Pencil for marking placement on wood scraps if necessary
  • Safety gloves
  • Paint (optional) – I recommend using spray paint because it is faster, but any kind will work

Step by Step

Step 1: Measure and cut the boards to form a square inside of your scroll saw box. The size can be whatever you want but make sure it is smaller than the outside perimeter of your scroll saw box. You will not need more than two inches wide for these pieces. I recommend using wood glue to assemble them so that they are stronger. You will need to make sure that the corners are 90-degree angles because scroll saws work better on these kinds of boxes.

Step 2: Measure and mark the inside perimeter for where you want the door to be, as well as any other notches or grooves if desired.

Step 3: Make another cutout in the same size at least two inches from the door measurement. You will be making this cutout for where you want to place your hinges and latch, which we will discuss below.

Step 4: Place a line of wood glue on one side of each square piece at the very edge, with another board touching it at that same point. Now stack them up as tightly as possible, so there are no gaps. Make sure to use clamps if necessary to keep the pieces together while the glue dries.

Step 5: On the inside of your scroll saw the box, measure, and mark where you want to put your hinges. This is where it will attach to whatever surface that you decide on for a door.

Step 6: Now make two cuts in the same size at least two inches from this measurement – one for the hinge and one for the latch. If you’re using a metal latch, attach it to where your cutout is in Step 3 on each end before attaching hinges to that same place so they will stay open when closed. For an eye bolt with washers, make sure there are two eyes at least four inches apart from each other on either side of the hinge. The washers will be at least two inches from each other on either side.

Step 7: Paint your finished scroll saw the box and let it dry before attaching hinges and latch. To personalize yours, try painting an outside area with your name or hobby.

*Paint or seal your scroll saw box with clear, glossy paint if desired.

Attaching Latches and Hinges after the Paint Dries:

Latches: Use any latch appropriate for your needs and attach it to where you made cutouts in Step 3. You can use either an eye bolt and washers on each side or a metal latch.

Hinges: Attach your hinges to the cutout in Step 3 on each end and attach them to where you want for the door hinge, so they stay open when it is closed.

If desired, you can also use eye bolts, attaching one washer on each side of the board that makes up your hinge.

You can also use wood filler or clear sealant to make a scroll saw box more waterproof before painting it, which is especially useful if you have any cracks in your door that might let water seep through them over time with regular wear and tear.

A personalized scroll saw box is easy to make by adding your name or hobby somewhere on the outside of it with paint, stain, decals, or any other kind of detailing you want!

Advanced Tips

If you want your scroll saw box to be more waterproof, use a clear sealant or wood filler on the inside of the door and around all outside edges before painting it.

This will help prevent any water from getting in through cracks or small holes that might happen over time with regular wear and tear. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about fixing the door when it gets wet.

Another idea for a more personalized scroll saw box is to paint or stain your name and favorite hobby somewhere on the outside of it. It’s an easy way to make something that can be bought in stores feel personal with just a little extra effort!

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