Milwaukee 6519-31 12-Amp Sawzall Review

If you are a plumber or a demolition specialist, you would want an efficient reciprocating saw. Milwaukee 6519-31 steps in to save you from the agony. But what is the catch? That is precisely what we will be addressing in this piece.

Milwaukee will achieve a formable cutting power. It has a decent motor and blade speed to support its functions. As such, you will cut with confidence in several materials, whether hard, tough, or rough.

You can assign this saw some special functions as construction and demolition works. More importantly, this saw uses state-or-art technology to accomplish its purposes. The user-friendly design makes it popular among different specialists.

An Overview of the Product

Milwaukee is a convenient product that uses quick-lock technology. The user can remove and add blades without involving any tool. Furthermore, you will encounter less vibration. It has an internal counterweight mechanism to increase comfort.

The product prides itself on a high powered motor. One can slice through the wood at a 3000 SPM rate. However, you can control the pace by using the variable speed trigger. Again, this product uses a gear protecting clutch, thereby increasing the lifespan. 

The powerful 12 amp motor will increase the cutting power. It will allow the saw to cut a variety of materials mercilessly. Thankfully, the 1-1/8 inch stroke length is ideal for providing maximum cutting speed.

The package includes a carrying case. The case comes from a high-impact polyurethane case that is durable. It will easily accommodate the reciprocating saw without breaking. You can use it for storage as you shift to the next destination. This corded reciprocating saw weighs about 7 pounds. That alone reveals its lightweight design. About that, it becomes useful when performing overhead tasks.

Product Features

12 Amp Motor

The Milwaukee uses a powerful 12 amp motor. It also uses a brushed motor design to increase its lifespan. When put on maximum speed, it can attain a 3000 SPM. Such a rate will enable you to slice through various materials like wood, metals, etc.

It is noteworthy that this model does not have an additional blade. Ensure that you attach a suitable blade for your materials. As such, you will enjoy cutting using this motor capacity.

Variable Speed Trigger

The variable speed trigger will push for outstanding performance. With a stroke rate of 3000 SPM and a powerful 12 amp motor, you can set the speed appropriately. Control the speed as you cut through different materials to avoid blade damage.

However, the product lacks a switch or a knob as an alternative to speed control. You will only find this feature within the trigger itself. As you make a softer squeeze on the trigger, you attain a lower speed. Similarly, a harder squeeze means you will accelerate to 3000 SPM. The speed trigger enables you to control your work effectively.

Stroke Length

Milwaukee boasts of the best stroke length. At 1-1/8 inch, this stroke length proves to be higher than average. The design will protect the blade and the entire tool too. When you press the variable speed trigger consistently, it reduces tool wearing. In the meantime, it provides increased durability.

Quick Lock Technology

The design will allow one to change the blade single-handedly. Interestingly, the process will not require any tools. Also, you can use the pivoting shoe, which will adapt to any surface. It is indispensable for accurate, safe plunge cuts.

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Vibration Control

If you achieve a vibration-free design, you will reduce fatigue. The vibration deficient saw places more power where you want on your working blade.

Milwaukee has a powerful anti-vibration control. The saw uses a counterweight mechanism to achieve smooth operations. As a result, you will achieve accurate cuts and cause less wear on the user.

Also, the saw has better ergonomics for comfort. It has a non-slip -cushioned grip, which reduces vibration further. This allows you to remain in control and work all day.

Quality Construction

High quality and durable construction define this reciprocating saw. The manufacturer made it to serve you for decades. Notably, the saw has a gear assembly clutch to protect the internal components. The design will increase the lifespan of the product.

The product has a high reputation for reliability. The clutch will absorb high impact forces like the blade lock-ups. Consequently, this action will increase the life of your drive train.

Size and Weight

Milwaukee has a convenient length of 18 inches. Such a size makes it to suit various heavy-duty applications. This 7 pound saw is lightweight hence suitable when you are performing all-day tasks. The user will not accumulate fatigue easily.

One can transport it from one site to the next effortlessly. The lightweight design will not distract your movements. Also, there is a carrying case for storage convenience. The case is durable enough to resist tearing or wearing. The 8 feet corded length makes it ideal for accessing tight areas.

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Tool-less Blade Change

It is a versatile product that will cut through different materials easily. In case your blade breaks, you can change it quite fast. The process does not require any special tool to complete it. You will install the new blade easily and save a lot of time.


Milwaukee is part of an affordable option. The manufacturer made it convenient to serve various interest groups properly. As a booster, you will get a 5-year warranty.


Milwaukee 6519-31

This reciprocating saw will serve a mid-range market squarely. It has unique features that will get your tasks done satisfactorily. The use of modern technology will make it convenient for high production targets.

The quality and durable construction is a coveted feature. With this tool, you will appreciate every dollar that you use. The vibration control makes the user remain comfortable during operations.

The powerful motor will provide you with the needed power to slice all the materials. At 3000 SPM stroke rate, no material can escape the cut.

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