What Do You Use a Bandsaw for?

using a bandsaw

A bandsaw is a metal frame with a stiff blade. The frame has wheels that can be adjusted to give it varying amounts of tension.

This power tool does not cut material; it slices through. It is used for long cuts on tubing and bar stock, metal plate, round stock, or sheet metal.

The blades used in these types of saws can be as long as 20 inches and can cut through wood that is a minimum of 2 1/2-inches thick.

There are different sizes of portable bandsaw on the market, so you need to consider them before choosing one. The best choice would be a lightweight one that you can carry with you easily and use anytime, anywhere.

Let’s look at the many uses of a bandsaw:

Cutting and Shaping Steel

It is common for materials to be cut into smaller sections before being used in a project. When you are working with steel, it can be difficult to keep the cut straight and true. A bandsaw will help you make accurate cuts and manage this process quickly and easily:

Cutting steel is much easier when you use a bandsaw as opposed to a hacksaw. A hacksaw will make the cut, but it is an extremely slow process and requires a great deal of effort on your behalf.

A bandsaw can easily cut through thick steel without causing too much trouble. After a bandsaw has been used for some time, you must take a moment to sharpen the blade.  If you do not, you will find the cuts become uneven and difficult to manage.

You can easily work with materials between 3 1/2 to 6mm thick without ever needing to adjust the tension on your bandsaw.  If you need to deal with thicker or thinner material, all you have to do is adjust the tension accordingly to be neither too tight nor too loose on the blade.

Filing and Ripping Wood

A bandsaw is an ideal device for filing through a piece of wood quickly:

The blades of a bandsaw are very sharp and thin.  They can cut through wood with great ease and accuracy. This means it will require less effort to cut, making filing easier than using a hand or power saw. A portable bandsaw will also help you make square cuts in wood!

Cutting Metal

There are several tools that you can use to cut through metal.  However, a bandsaw is often the best tool for the job:

When working with metal, you should always file a groove along the line that you plan on cutting before taking the plunge and beginning slicing through it. This ensures your cuts will be as smooth as possible and offer less resistance when making the plunge.

A bandsaw will cut a grove into metal quickly and easily. You can also adjust the blade to give it greater or lessen tension, depending on your personal preference.  If you want to make multiple cuts through metal, adjusting the tension will help keep the blade in good shape for longer.

It comes equipped with an adjustable arm that helps you make accurate perpendicular cuts on metal with great ease and accuracy.

The wheels of a bandsaw allow it to be adjusted according to the material you want to cut.  This means it is possible to change the height and tension depending on what you are trying to do with your metalwork.

Cutting Glass

A bandsaw is an ideal tool for cutting glass:

A bandsaw will allow you to make accurate cuts in glass that are perfect for different projects, including picture frames or mirrors.

The blade of a bandsaw is extremely thin.  This allows you to make quick and careful cuts through glass without causing too much trouble or wasting the material.

To Make Clean Cuts in the Butchery

You can use your portable bandsaw to cut frozen meat in the large machines for sausages and poultry. They are usually 5-6 meters long and 20cm wide when open. 

A portable bandsaw blade is thin and can cut through meat without causing too much trouble or resistance.

You can use portable bandsaws to help make clean cuts through meat used for different recipes, including specific cuts for stir fry dishes or other entrees you sell at your butcher shop.

Billet Shaping

Billet shaping is a way of working with metal that involves taking raw material and forming it into the shape of a billet.  This can be done with portable bandsaws.

When dealing with billets, always work from the outside in. This will help ensure your cuts are smooth, seamless, and accurate.

A portable bandsaw allows you to create a smooth and seamless cut through metal with ease, accuracy, and not too much unnecessary resistance.

Light Duty Woodworking Projects

Do you have a woodwork project? A portable bandsaw is an ideal tool for various woodworking projects, including making decorative wood chairs, boxes, cutting door frames, or any other project requiring very detailed woodcuts.

Making Shelves

Shelving requires very precise cuts in wood, and if you want to make sure your shelves are as strong as possible, you will also need to adjust those cuts.

A portable bandsaw will allow you to make cuts with nothing more than a couple of simple adjustments, and those same cuts can often be used for many different projects. 

This means you won’t waste your material or spend money on new materials every time you need new shelves!

Cutting Plastic Sheeting and Pipes

A Portable band saw can also help you make clean cuts on piping used for plumbing or another project.  It also helps you to cut sheets of plastic that will be used for other projects.


A bandsaw can cut through a wide range of materials. You can rely on it for woodwork, metalwork, and many other projects in your workshop or home.

Bandsaws also offer greater control over the cuts and accuracy. It’s a versatile and user-friendly tool; you’ll be glad you gt one.

Marcus Weldman

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